Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The smell of money....

My post today is just a follow up to a few of the unanswered questions people may have from Life in Mathews today.

1. Oyster tongs.. clam rakes.. so you get a point there CBW.
2. HOWEVER, if your gill nets fit in a bucket... well that is a premature infant gill net.. when you have put them in a 50 gallon barrel then come back and talk to me :)

Gill nets how do you explain gill nets.. they are long nets that the men (or in the case of CBW and I, small children) run out of a boat with buoys and anchors and weights attached to them (unless of course yours are in a bucket then I doubt you have buoys and anchors) you allow them to sit for a bit (over night if it is not too hot and the crabs aren't eating your fish right out of the net) then you haul them back into the boat untangling very smelly fish as you go.

By smelly I mean almost make you puke smelly but as my grandfather said.. that is the smell of money.

The reason for the NAME gill net is that what is supposed to happen is the fish attempts to swim through the net and kinda like a fat kid trying to get a piece of cake through a doggie door gets stuck half way.. when the little fish tries to back out he gets all tangled up in the net with his gills.

As must of you know, the waterman well he works on the water and right this minute he is out there in the bay fishing a gill net. When he gets back to the dock today he will smell so incredibly bad that even after he takes a shower he STILL STINKS.

If you have any more questions about how bad of a stink that really is or just about how a gill net works come see me and I will send you out there and you can stink too just ask!


  1. I cam almost smell it from here...but money is money;)

  2. Here in Iowa the farmers call the Pig manure. "money"...It still stinks and the only money I see is the pig after it's sold.
    You can smell a pig/hog lot a mile away.. And even after washing or taking a shower one still smells the stink.. We have a couple that goes to our church.. poor things.. they come in their sunday clothes and smell like stinky pig. It's o.k. we love them...

  3. We all know steve stinks, not from gill nettin but fish alas of a different kind and he tells the kids all the time its the smell of money....I still keep his clothes in a trash can outside till it washin time!!!

  4. I am so relieved to hear that the stinking thing just wasn't me overreacting, but aside from having to go out when it was rough, the STINK was what killed me the most.

    But it builds character. If you can endure that, you can endure most anything, which was GREAT preparation for LIFE.

    Thank you for filling in all the gaps, ReVo. I see Sister Jill has reared her ugly attitude. WE need to go beat her up or something.

  5. The Smell of Money!!!! My Granddaddy used to say that too!!! About the aroma around docks and West Point Pulp Mill (he had a little stock in it). We went down to The Seafood Market in Hampton to eat lunch one, my husband and grandson who was 15 or 16 at the time...grandson about gagged when he got out of the car...I got tickled...took a few deep breaths with ahhh after exhaling and said...OH The Smell of Money!!! He looked at me like I had lost my mind...LOL...

  6. Ugh. I think I will pass. i am not good with bad smells ;0)