Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The End of Words

It really should say welcome back...

Have you ever heard the saying End of Days? Surely you have, I have felt that way about my true "words" for some time now, like I just got to the end of them and there were no more. It was very much like getting to the end of the rainbow and finding no pot of gold.

I thought after "the ordeal" was over that life as I knew it would get back to normal and the words would be there in over abundant stock. This is where I have to tell you that I was wrong, very very wrong. Firstly, and mainly, because "the ordeal" is not over nor will it ever be over in a sense that it no longer has an impact on my life because it was a huge part of my world and it played a role in making me who I am today. For awhile now I have allowed "the ordeal" to almost completely define who I am, even when that is not the case. It has taken me almost 2 years not to be prisoner to "the ordeal" any longer and by breaking the binds that held me for so long now I almost feel as if I was part of some mass covert operation to FREE THE WORDS!!! (Yes I just saw picketers with signs marching around my brain)

A beautiful friend once told me "once you get settled mentally there, it will flow just like the tide" she was right. As I walked the beach this past week (and fell victim to my wandering brain and rogue large waves) words started flying at me.. at first they were ARRGGGHH! COLD! WET! IDIOT! but then they calmed down a bit and the frighten shrieks of the hidden voice in my head calmed to a whisper and the words flowed more like the tide and less like a tsunami.

So as the words come I will let them flow here where you have the joy (aka excruciating pain) of reading them but if you come by just to look at the pretty pictures you can try here Gone Coastal... One Shot at a Time. While there will be a photo on all my posts it is more about the words here and me being me and it is more about the photos there and what I see. I was going to mix the two but lets face it some people just don't care about my words much.

On that note.. MUCHO LOVE TO ALL OF YOU who do care about my words and endured the pain of reading every last word today and who have been waiting patiently for me and my words to return to my new normal.