Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy .....

Birthday Baby Boy! You thought I was going to say New Year didn't you.

17 years ago today I had my oldest son.. exactly 7 hours and 17 minutes ago. He was born at 0:00:00 between December 30 and 31.. 24 hours later and he would have been the first baby for 98 in the world. I actually was given the opportunity to pick which day he was born on because when the nurses entered it in the computer it would not give a date for that time and the Dr swore it was not a second before or after it was dead on. So.. given that little gem I picked the 31st because no matter how old he is or where he is.. there will ALWAYS be a party on his birthday. I am such a cool mom.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Days go by...

(that song is so stuck in my head but that is the only piece I remember so hang tight a second)

And days go by...
I can feel 'em flyin'
Like a hand out the window in the wind.
The cars go by...
Yeah it's all we've been given,
So you better start livin' right now
'Cause days go by...
Oh and a woo-hoo...

Ok that is better.. I like that little woo-hoo at the end. In case some of you don't know I happen to dabble in photography a bit. I doubt I will ever have the eye that these wonderful ladies do...

Chesapeake Bay Woman


The Pioneer Woman

but I still enjoy it so bare with me .. k?

I took on a task a couple of months ago of turning my cousins slides into digital images, you know updating technology from the 60's to well... now. Fun stuff. I will never ever turn down a job like this because of the teasures that one might happen across .. such as a photo of ones grandfather actually working his boat.. or photos of ones great grandfather doing the same.. (I use too many ... )

But while CBW and I have a love for just pieces of scenery around the county I have found a love of "days gone by.." that does not even being to touch this county today. It makes me long for those days and family members who have passed many years ago. It makes me long for a turn around of the fishing industry of the days of yester year.

I did a bit of retouching (not nearly enough due to the damage to the original but it was good enough for a 5 minutes job if you are looking at a 4x6) on some of these slides and plan on making a display in my home and sharing them here. The picture for today brings tears to my eyes not only for color of the day but the sight of this particular day on the bay that I fear will never been seen again by my generation and quite possibly ever...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is the glass half old ....

..or is it half young.

Today is the first day of the vacation. I am up with the chickens. I think that is part of the old part. However, I stayed up really late last night like I was half young! Then again I am going to need a nap this afternoon not sure if that is part REALLY young or REALLY old.

I have decided that this age our generation is currently circling around is quite possibly the best of both worlds .. let me list for you the reasons.

1. We can stay up REALLY late and be ok.. even if you drink a couple of eggnogs.
2. You can still get up early and make it to work on time if you do 1.
3. You can take a nap the afternoon after doing 1. and no one will say anything about it.. cause it is not an every day occurrence as of yet.
4. If you happen to not enjoy where you are or what is happening during 1. you can beg of by saying I need to get to bed so I can 2. and no one will call you lame.
5. We have no yet begun to forget things yet.. (ok just a couple but not ALL the time)
6. We are young enough to go outside to play with our kids in the snow and still young enough to not have to spend the following week in bed after wards and old enough to appreciate the fact that we still can take the kids in a snow ball fight.
7. We are young enough to still enjoy Christmas with family and friends..( WHY DO I HEAR A COYOTE HOWLING THIS TIME OF MORNING???) and old enough to appreciate the times past that we spent with family and friends who are no longer with us.

I could continue for quite a bit.. but I need a nap.


Monday, December 22, 2008


Today is the last day I work officially until January 5th. I say officially because taking my blackberry away from me would be like reaching in with your bare hand and ripping someones heart out. Meaning it would cause a lot of pain and ultimately end in death for someone. (keep in mind the one feeling the pain and dying not necessary be me.. I am quite a scrapy character when you go messing with my communications.)

You want to know what I am going to do on my vacation.. nothing.. nada.. not a DAMN thing. Why because I travel every week as it is, being home will be a nice change.

I do know that some of my buddies are going to breakfast Saturday after Christmas and that is honestly going to the be the highlight of my time off. Speaking of which.. Hey Tracy.. wanna go?

I wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday.. I say holiday not cause I don't want to say Christmas but because I have too many friends celebrating too many things and find it hard to spell them all.. me it will be Christmas.

Smoochies to you all!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am not deleting or hiding or anything.. sorry I panicked I kept thinking CRAP if Tracy found it who else has found it .. which led to images of my children reading this and I honestly did not know if I had said anything over the last year or so that give them serious nightmares. So I went and did a quick search and found ... are you ready for this.. ONE SENTENCE in the entire thing that may send them running!! And actually it was a piece of a sentence. It is all removed.

Don't ask me what it was that would defeat the purpose.

but I am here, I am back and I am going to try to keep this thing updated on some regular basis. I mean after all it is Christmas and miracles can happen.

Smoochies Guys!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

As soon as I figure it out..

This whole thing is deleted.

I made a mistake

I posted on a local girls blog using my real blogger id.. and now people have found me. I had no intention of anyone ever really finding this other than the people I pointed here but alas they have. All good things must come to an end and all.. so it is the beginning of a new era here on the water.. one in which I have to watch what I say and about who.. or at the very least use code words! By the way.. HI TRACY! HI ROBBY!

So it is time to blow the dust off the publish post button in blogger and carry on with my story.. my fun.. my life as a waterman's wife.. smooches to all!

And by the way... Katy.. Monkling.. Kim-D I still love ya'll..

(footnote: I really don't mind people finding me.. it gives me a reason to think up new stories.. and may take a picture or two)