Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It is my birthday and I have cute toes! How much more awesome can one be on their birthday!
I was taken to lunch and dinner and got to get my toes rubbed and painted, they are a really LUVERLY pink. The most LUVERLY sister person treated me very well and has only once or twice alluded to the fact that I am right now older than her. She has only 13 more days to pull that stunt. I was treated to Starbucks, the toesy rubbin', then an AWESOME Mexican dinner while we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's! Doesn't that sound just heavenly??

Want to know what makes it even cooler we get to do it all again in 13 days when she is OLD too!!! Granted she gets to pick the dinner but I am betting the Starbucks and the toe rubbin' remains the same. If for nothing else my feet are scaring her and she will want to keep them pretty in pink.

I miss the husband VERY MUCH but I am LOVING the toes.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hook, Line and Stinker!

Ok everyone here is the line that has been requested in the last week!

As far is the hook.. I really do not have one other than my prize winning personality!!!

And the stinker.. this is my birthday week.. my first birthday in my whole life that I am married... my first birthday in my whole life that I have a husband to share my day with. I have always been a birthday person my birthday is MY day I should get to do what I want and people should treat me like a princess on my birthday. I should not have to lift a finger on my birthday. This is no different than any other day except I can say.. YOU HAVE TO CAUSE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY. If I tell my husband to wear a tu tu and dance the can can he has to because it is my BIRTHDAY. If I tell my son that he has to paint my toe nails he has to because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY. And because it is my birthday they have to SMILE while doing it. All sounds great.. right?? NOT the stinker is I will NOT be with my husband or my son... and when I scream BUT IT IS MY BIRTHDAY at my sister (who I will be spending my day with) she just screams back YES IT IS AND ALL IT MEANS IS NOW YOU ARE OLDER THAN ME!!!!

Life is so unfair.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Howdy Ho

Dear neighbor...
Hehehe I just called you all Ho's.

Been working hard on school the last couple of days. I have my math homework done for the week.. haven't done much on law.. must do that today. I am taking the next few days off work so today is FRIDAY for me Yippie! I am taking the boys to Busch Gardens on Thursday, we have season passes, so I am going even though I am still tired from going last Saturday. I want to go back one day... ALONE... or maybe my dear sister would like to come and go with me one day.. and watch the blasted SHOWS. Every time I go I say I am going to watch one show.. NOTHING.. NADA.. NONE have I seen yet. I have rode every ride 120 times but NO SHOWS. Unless you count the stupid thing they do in the Festhaus each and every hour on the hour that they have been doing since 1923. I think the people in there are robots.

I am falling behind in law.. that worries me. I am FIRST in math.. other people have their law homework done. I DON'T. ok.. stop complaining pull up your big girl panties and get it done and .. (anyone find it odd I am talking to myself)

Ok.. confession.. i don't know how any of you are..I haven't taken the time to blog read this week!!! I am a bad blog friend.

Got to run and do more homework.. I have a math quiz i scared to even download but buting the bullet later today.


I have a question.. do you think you can SHIP some of those crepes with vanilla cream cheese to VA???