Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yea well.. what exactly can I say

I stink at having fans.

To all of you that keep coming back to only see the same damn message ... SMOOCH! Bunches of them.

I am in the final count down in this semester.. finals next week. Work has gone completey NUTS.. along with my youngest who by the way just turned 10 yesterday, (where do the years go???) who is driving the awesome waterman that way very quickly.

I honestly do not have my shit together at the moment. I honestly do not know how to get shit together.. I am not sure I want to learn how.. that just seems gross. Where did that phrase come from.. getting ones shit together. Why would I want to know if you had yours together or why would you want to know that I had mine together???

or worse.. why would you want to know that I DON'T have my shit together.. does that mean I have shit all over in little piles?

Does this give any of you a peek into my state of mind at the moment????

Monday, August 6, 2007

Pondering a possible mistake

Ok.. so I got the older kids cell phones!

What have I done??? Just one more thing for me to worry about. Will they text their friends 3000 times a month vs. the 300 their plan allows? Will they use them before 7 and run up all the minutes on the family share plan?? Granted the fact that my oldest just got his learners permit and will be driving alone in a meer 5 months I figured it was time. I want to be able to call him and know where he is when he takes off on his own...

Hmm rule number 345 Do not talk and drive. Maybe that should be rule 1 but I can be only so hypocritical .. I talk on the phone, mess with my iPod, use my blackberry and drive all at the same time. Sorry Sis but I still do that.

So how is everyone? Me.. I made it threw my mid terms ok.. grades are doing well.
I spent a wonderful birthday with my dear sister who is now just as OLD as I am! We had a wonderful time at her birthday celebration. Well at least I did.. I am sure she did as well.

We are doing our treat day later .. last week was just exteremly busy and hectic for both of us so we will do that at a later time.
I have knitted absolutely NOTHING lately.. but who the heck has time! Heck I don't even have time to spend 3 minutes to let you guys know I am still alive.