Friday, September 18, 2009


Ok people what is so special about Fridays?

I still get up and get excited about the day and I call to the waterkids.. It is Friday!!! and they jump right out of bed and get ready for school and run out the door like the school day is different and I flip the computer on like the work day is going to be different. But is it?

Typically Fridays are more hectic for me in the work area of my life. I shouldn't be exaclaming IT IS FRIDAY!!! I should be saying ... #$%#$@%^#$ it is Friday.

Typically Friday's mean test at school for the waterkids... they too should be saying.... #$%$#^#$ it is Friday. (not that waterkids would ever talk that way cause their mama raised them better.... yea right)

However, this is not how it works, we all get up and are excited because it is Friday! I would say on my part it is because I get to drink tonight, but that would not be different than any other night. I could also guess it is because the kids can stay up later tonight, but they do that behind my back anyway.

So why are we so happy that it is Friday is it because the end is near, but do we really want anything in life to actually END? Maybe it is because there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or is that a train?

Come on people.. lay it on me what makes Friday so special?

Maybe if I had one of these waiting at the end of the day I would be happier.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do you know

how many paper cuts one can get from printing 50,000 plus barcodes? Well let me tell ya.. it is a LOT.

Do you know how many bottles of wine needed to be consumed to get through that process? Again a LOT but that was much more enjoyable and it led me to the find of this. Which in it self is quite funny because I am a middle sister but not a middle sister at all. My little sister is also a middle sister but not a middle sister at all. Yes yes.. confusing. Let's see how I can make this make sense for you..... Hmmm it is probably not possible but I will try.

One group of siblings... 3 sisters ... I am the middle sister.

Another group of siblings.... 2 sisters and a brother .... she is the middle sister.

This is her.. the middle sister that isn't my middle sister but my baby sister... Kinda prissy looking don't ya think?

Get it? Oh good.

Back to whatever it was I was talking about.. oh yes the wine. I have to say it is the most wonderful stuff that ever came squishing out of a grape and I am seriously contemplating a trip to Cali just to go see them. I do have to say that my favorite is the Mischief Maker and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I have never made a bit of Mischief in my life!

This is what is on the label.. doesn't describe ME at all.

Interesting stuff on that wine bottle isn't it? I mean seriously never in a million years would I dream of doing anything like that label says but when I have that bottle in my hand ready to pour it in a glass I get a shiver knowing that I am about to partake in the perfect wine for me. Not because of the name just because it tastes good.

Ahhh shit. I can't even make myself believe that load of crap. Here's to all the middle sisters that aren't really middle sisters and the mischief makers out there.. let's stand strong and proud!

Not Mischievous looking at all am I? Muwhahahahahahahhahah

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I can at least say I did post....

So busy with work can't see straight... be back soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Some days I wonder...

Why I can't make my living with a pen and paper... or camera and film... or a craft room and many supplies ... or with the internet and well... this!

Well I will tell ya why.. Cause I am a big fat chicken! I am afraid to take that step that leap off of the side of the cliff to say I do _______. Even if it is on the side for now. Apparently it is easier for me to just dream about it. The problem is every year this time Market Days rolls around and every year is another year that I do not have a booth with something I made or did in it. Would you believe that after 38 years I still have no confidence in myself? That I would be the booth that people walked by and laughed at?? 38 years ago and still that 12 year old little girl who wouldn't put her foot out the door cause she knew that someone was going to laugh at her shoe! (granted my mother dressed me funny so I can't blame them but still)

I have 10 months from today to get it together once again and bring to Mathews something new.. something different ..something completely 21st century. Mathews Blogher/photography/craft/framing/you name it, it is here Womans Club of 2010!

I am certainly not talking about your Grandma's Woman's Club cause I do not know any of us who quilt (not that there is anything wrong with that if there are) but what if.. just what if it happened.. what if there was a group that was here for each other and the community who had talent real live talent and gave back to Mathews? What could we change.. how could we help each other and other women who need it.. what could we produce as a group with the talent that is out there.

Oh hell what if it was just two of us.. what could those two do?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sis... Watergirls first football game.

Now that I am no longer a bundle of nerves or in a drug induced fog I thought that it would be a good time to show off Sis the amazing Cheerleader Watergirl!

She starts high school on Tuesday.... HIGH SCHOOL! Ok maybe I need more drugs! I do have to say she is a good kid, a bit boy crazy, but a good kid (at least compared to me at that age she is a good kid) She made the Cheer Squad or whatever the heck you call it last June and I could not be prouder and the kid is pretty darn good too!

So Happy Friday and Enjoy the shots!

One of the Moms made ribbons.. aren't they cute
She has nice form...

Tee made her laugh.

Time for a halftime shot with a good buddy...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where did THAT come from?

Ok.. it is Weird Wednesday around here today because I have had something on my mind for quiet a few weeks now. During a wild round of RummiKub and maybe after hanging out with Jose for at least half a bottle or so, something crossed my mind. Why when we are upset do we call other people body parts and are those seriously any worse that any other body part?

Let's take Boob... why are we calling people BOOB? Why not Elbow Fat?

Butthead.. why not Crusty Eye Socket?

Ass... why not Stinky Ear Wax?

I could do this all day long people and let's look at this closely! If you are in an argument with someone even a stranger who cut you off on the road and you are getting ready to scream ASSHOLE out the window.. pause and think of another body part... Yell out... Blistered Pinky Toe! I bet ya that you are going to make yourself laugh and completely forget about him cutting you off. In an argument with your kid over homework instead of calling them a stubborn butt head... not that I ever would do such a thing... scream you are such a sore shoulder blade! The chances of you walking away and not laughing are slim to none.

Come on everyone let's give it a whirl I am thinking that you will have many arguments ending in fits of giggles!

Have a lovely day all you clipped finger nails and LHK to a scabby knee out there!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Windows... cause I did doors last week


–noun opening in the wall of a building, the side of a vehicle, etc., for the admission of air or light, or both, commonly fitted with a frame in which are set movable sashes containing panes of glass.

I love the old swing out window in this house, I am ashamed to admit that I don't have a better picture of it but when you are being chased by a man in a golf cart you take what you can get.
I can't say this is entirely how I feel about windows, this definition to me leaves out so much of what a window can be. Windows can also be used for the deadmission of young people who didn't want to use the door because of one parent or another.

Directly on the other side of this house is another window that my sister and I climbed out of so we could say we snuck out, we came back in through the door cause at the time no one cared that we were even gone.
Windows can be used to peek inside of the world of other times, I like peeking in old windows that are filmed in a bit of dirt and imagine what happened in a room 100 years ago. I am a bit weird like that.

When I look in this window I see a little girl looking back.
Windows also give us means for escape a place to look out of when we feel trapped and long for the trip that is going to take us away from the place we are today even if that place is no where physically different.

Two seeing eyes you can almost see the soul of the house through them.

I can't even venture a guess on this one, Such beautiful frame work to be spoiled by an intrusion of brick.

The house that Jack Built.