Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Update: What the Sam Hill is that??!!??

As promised here is a Saturday update of what the new toy can do..
Anyone have any guesses as to what exactly these are?

OH before we start can I just say I LOVE this thing.
How did THAT get in here???

They were trying to figure out What the Sam Hill I was.. then they figured it out.. possible lunch.

Leave a Message at the Beep

*Ring Ring Ring*

Hi! You have reached Re I am not home right now cause I am out playing with my new toy.
So leave me a message and I will let you know later today when the new toys produce has been posted here via email, phone, text, facebook or carrier pigeon which ever will get to you.

And Nemenim you are not allowed to NO COMMENT ME.
EM K? Thanks


Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

Well everyone it is Fun Fact Friday once again and guess what the first fact is.

1. I have not a clue what to write about today.

2. I have been sitting here staring at the screen again for 10 minutes.

3. I have been sitting here staring at the screen not trying to think about what to write but thinking about what I can play with next.

4. I have spent too much time the past two days playing with PSE6.

5. I am posting a few pics of the Impish Grinny Person cause I know some people who adore it.

6. Today is day two on the running plan schedule, someone pray for me, if you do that sort of thing.

7. This is my Ex Step Granddaughter.

8. I hate using the phrase Ex or Step so she is just my Granddaugther, Sophia Nicole.

9. I hope to find something better to write about tomorrow.

What are your plans for the weekend? Mine are to try not to play with my new lens too much!!!!!
Smooches and Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Training


Yesterday morning I got up had coffee and decided to clean off 3 months of dust from lace up my tennis shoes. What in the hell was I thinking???
Color Pop

Well the good news is I made it back the bad news is I found it quite difficult to run while holding Razzi with the 70-300 lens on. Yes you read that right, run, not walk, run. I started THIS today in preparation for the Wesley Ashberry Twilight 5K Run/Walk Benefit. If you would like, you can find more information at the Mathews Land Conservancy under Events. I encourage everyone to come out and participate, no you don't have to run or walk, you can just spend some time with some great people and eat some BBQ. (I don't see me eating much as I will probably be puking in the bushes too busy drinking water.)

Classic Blue

Tomorrow will be a bit different, I think I will wait on the coffee until I get back and I will probably leave Razzi at home and take the dog with me instead.

Light Pop

I would also like to take this time to again let CBW, Noe Noe Girl, and Big Hair should the event of my demise occur due to this venture in running that you will all be joint custodians of Razzi, she will spend 4 months of the year with each of you.

To the Sister Person who I love dearly, so help me if you have me cremated I will come back and haunt you FOREVER I give you back all of the things I have of yours and you get the Princess Bedroom (cause well half of it is yours anyway), I also leave to you my phone and my MAC please do what you need to do with those. (Just please keep in mind that every picture I have ever taken is on there before you do what you need to do.)


To the rest of the people who read this mumbo jumbo... oh forget it who am I kidding.


After I returned back home from my date with torture my walk/run I started reading some of my favorite people's blogs and this little badge on HERS said Coffee on it so I had to click it. Imagine my surprise when it had nothing at all to do with coffee but were actually Actions to be used in Photoshop Elements and even though I vowed never to retouch a shot again I couldn't resist.. IT SAID COFFEE COME ON CUT ME SOME SLACK!


So today throughout my ass or rated post I littered two of my favorite shots from yesterday's adventure with actions I used, over all two turned out AMAZING and I think I will actually enjoy using them again now that I have been away from them for awhile.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? Do you have one that you just HATE? Let me know leave a comment say Hi.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RE'Sycled Wednesday

Friday, November 18, 2005

Random Thought...

I am afraid if I grow up I will realize that I am absolutely insane and go get therapy and they will turn me into a normal person just like everyone else..

Guess what... I did.. and they didn't.
Shocked aren't you?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

B and E

Ok I will admit it I do my fair share of "trespassing" which is fairly evident from the photos I take. I would like to bring to the table a few rules I have for myself and I so wish others would follow (and by others I mean the fire strating, paint ball playing, beer and booze drinking idiots who were there before me)

1. I never do the Break part from Breaking and Entering. EVER. If it is not enterable or broke already I certainly will not do it. Even when the temptation is HUGE I don't do it. WILL NOT DO IT.
And if you think the temptation was not HIGH at this old place so you are soooo wrong. So strong in fact I am going back to see if I can figure out who the owners are.

2. Leave it as you found it. That would be my second rule. If there is a bucket that is turned over on the kitchen floor and your OCD level wants you to turn it upright. I am telling you.. DON'T. you probably don't wanna know why the bucket is upside down in the middle of the floor.
You may close and secure a door that is left open, but if the door was shut when you got there make sure you shut it when you leave. You weren't raised in a barn were you.

3. Do as you will but harm none.

Cute door right? I loved it, and the OCD in me wanted to shut it, but well.. it was buried in about 4 inches of dirt at the bottom, there was no shutting without breaking, I did no harm and left it right where it was.

My point is yes I am a bit bold when it comes to getting a shot (the phrase brass ovaries comes to mind at times) but I will never ever vandal, destroy, or harm anyone or anything in the process. These properties that I take photos of unfortunately will not be around much longer due to nature and the idiots I mentioned above, so while they are Razzi and I will be out rambling around in the woods looking for a bit of the past to hold on to for our future.

So I beg of you property owners, if you see a large pink elaphant in a pink hat with what looks to be a large camera trapsing across your yard. Please... don't shoot.

Happy Tuesday

Monday, February 22, 2010

"I would holler but the town ain't big enough... "

I spent most of my Sunday alone wandering the woods in parts unknown, except for a nice lunch date and a run in with a good friend at Chef Todd's, then another run in for an on the side of the road chit chat with an old family friend who I happen to adore. You know the saying they just don't make 'em like that anymore? He fits that bill, wonderful wonderful person. (I am such a kiss up).

During all that wandering alone I didn't do what I normally do, which completely and utterly shocked me when I got home. A typical wander alone with Razzi in hand means I come back with 70,982,340 pictures, today I came back with roughly 70. I am not sure what happened, all I can say is that I was lost in a space in time that just wasn't a place for Razzi.

I went to some lovely places and took some lovely shots that will mark a place that in a few years just will no long exist so all in all I call that a win.

While beside the road chit chatting with the wonderful friend he mentioned a few things to me, one was a story about Captain Mac and burying his vehicle on the beach during a hunt club party; (more on that later as Hounddog reported in later in the afternoon with more details of said beach party) another was regarding a house right down the road from him, I was not 100% sure I knew where he was speaking of so I listening intently to his directions and said I would go check it out. After making sure that he did not want me run over his mail box for him I took off in the correct direction and made a big circle right back to my friend and reported that I had spent most of the morning right where he sent me.

Here are some of the shots:

I loved the way the light came through the trees as I walked up to the house.

Even though the front of the house is now a funky shade of gray, it is my understanding that under the porch was once painted red, white and blue and another time each board was painted a different color.

All I kept hearing in my head as I looked at these door was my mother yelling at me when I was little. "Either in or OUT!"
I happen to adore door knobs. This is A door knob but not THE door knob for those of you in the "know"

As I mentioned before my friend and I discussed Cap'n Mac a bit, it was brought up because I had spent some of my time that morning visiting with Cap'n Mac at his house as well. He was a good old man, bit of a drinker, but was happy as a clam as long as the sun came up. What I am sad to report is that his house is in a terrible state of disrepair and there is talk of tearing it down. Unfortunately the temptation for young vandals is a bit much and most of the walls are filled with holes and the windows have been knocked out, and at some point in time the house was set on fire. Thankfully the fire department did manage to put it out as it was smoldering but they had to cut and chop out the entire floor from one room and some of the wall.

I might mention that I did hear tell of a few of the holes in the downstairs ceiling may have been made by Cap'n Mac himself, I am glad I wasn't upstairs when he decided to do that. Anyway on to what was reported by Hounddog, apparently some time ago at the end of hunting season the boys would get together and have a beach party down at Haven Beach, Cap'n Mac was in attendance and a few beers were shared by all, and by few I mean a few dozen dozen (yes I know I wrote that twice). Cap'n Mac was having such a good time that his line of the night was repeated numerous times "I would holler but the town ain't big enough!" The town might not have been big enough for him but he wasn't going to let the party end that night due to a minor issue of a camp fire flame that was dwindling. Being the hunters that they were (and boys) the amount of fire wood that would be required for a party of such magnitude was misjudged and Cap'n Mac just was not having the party end due to a thing as little as running low on wood. After a minute or two Cap'n Mac found someone with a truck (and by truck I mean someone who had a truck that didn't have a dog box in the back) to give him a ride back to his house up the road to "get more fire wood" and fire wood he did get. Cap'n Mac returned to the party with the front steps from his house and threw them right on the fire! I gotta say that is my kinda dude.

Here are a couple of shots of Cap'n Mac's home.
Some of you locals may remember that in the upstairs window of Cap'n Mac's there was a card board cut out of a monster from Where the Wild Things Are in his upstairs window. This was the monsters view for a very long time.

Charred edges of wall paper from the upstairs hall way... I have to wonder is that Wall Street Journal Wall Paper, Cause that would just be too cool.

This was where the hole had to be cut in the floor due to idiots who don't know the meaning of DO NO HARM! (side note.. if you look close you can see THE door knob for those who need to know)

I would like to end this by saying I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life to share such colorful tales of a time gone by with me, I am so happy that "I would holler but the town ain't big enough!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saying Sunday

I am sitting here staring at a blank screen ...
Note to self: write down the sayings as you hear them because the alcohol your age has finally affected your memory.

So I needed a little help this morning with exactly what I was going to write about I may as well start getting used to it my Daddy keeps telling me it will only get worse. The good thing is I have good friends who always come through for me, one who made the lightbulb come on this morning and the other who actually gave me the story to write about.

Technically I don't suppose this is a "saying" but it will do and the story is rather funny.

Cut in the Butter.

Cooking phrase right? Yes I know it is but what the hell this is my blog and I am already rambling so who gives a hoot if I don't really use a everyday phrase right? I mean I could start something and make Cut in the Butter mean something other than Cut in the Butter but I won't cause I don't have the energy, and we already have cutting going on in Phrases (note to self read the note to self above and write these down NOW) we have Cut the Cheese, or Cut a Rug, or Cut a Rip see plenty of Cuts we don't need to Add Cut in the Butter.

A few years ago I was hanging out with my very special sister, (I won't name any names here cause that is just wrong) and she was making me.... making me... making me.. (oh lord I forgot I had to type that word.. I hate this word... ick) she was making me *gasp* apple crisp. (the fact I hate the word crisp has nothing to do with the story by the way and is a long post for another day) So as she was going along she was reading the recipe out loud to me and then actually performing what it said. Add 1 Cup Sugar and she would measure the sugar and dump it in, after a few minutes I got a bit bored of watching this little play so I wasn't paying much attention until I heard "Cut in 1 stick of butter" and I perked right up. I sat up straight on the edge of my chair cause I just HAD to see what happened next. As expected she walked over to the fridge and pulled out a stick of butter (that she hadn't softened by the way cause we all know when making such recipes it helps to soften a tiny bit.. and by all I mean everyone but my sister) unwraps the butter and holds the stick of butter in one hand the largest knife I have ever seen in the other and started cutting tiny pieces off of the butter stick into the dry mixture.

All I could manage to do was sit there and laugh and finally after she got finished with the task at hand managed to muster out.. "What the HELL are you doing???" (see how I filled in the blank there) her reply of course was "CUTTING in the butter!"

(insert eye roll)

Would you believe that *I* am the blond???

So, do you have any recipe fiasco's you can tell us about? Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like to share? Or maybe you found a 100 year old 500 lb heart attack in the disguise of a dessert recipe you could tell us about.

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Top Wordle Made from Hillbilly Gothic

Second Wordle taken from the old one. (look close ladies you will see some good ones

This post is brought to you because of this lovely lady who pointed me here.

I enjoyed sifting through the words from Hillbilly Gothic so much last night that I went back and did the same thing with my old longer blog and loved it as well. I have decided I am going to be printing and framing these words and hanging them close to my "office space" which is really no more than a corner of the Princess Room. (which is just fine with me cause the Princess Room ROCKS!)

So today have fun.. go play here for a few minutes and think about the words you use the most.

This evening I am taking the Watergirl and her friends to see Dear John and out to eat, which means Jauns here we come. That child would eat Nachos 3 times a day 7 days a week if I let her.
I am not sure I am up to such a sappy movie but hey this is for her not me.

Happy Saturday all.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

One of the greatest waterman to ever grace the bay with his presence. Great Grandaddy Henry Owens
For the record the pictures on today's post have absolutely NOTHING to do with my post and everything to do with HERS. I do things like this cause I love her.

This is the way the bay used to look when you were going out in the morning, see all the boats? Sadly if you are out there today you are probably not going to see anyone until you come back to the dock.

Ok there is nothing really FUN about my Facts other than they are FACTS and it is FRIDAY so thereby making them FUN by association alone.

These are shots of the Ellen before she had the house built on her and yes those men have on suits and hats it is Christmas after all.

There are also rules to my FUN FACTS, who has fun fact rules you ask, the answer would be me. The rules are for each FUN FACT I will also ask a question and you are supposed to leave a comment and answer said question (I like comments... I don't care if you don't answer it truthfully just answer and let me know you are around... as an ex's voicemail once said "If you took the time to call take the time to leave a message"... he didn't like those hang ups on his answering machine it annoyed him ...guess what I did for 6 months after we split up.) Oh sorry the squirrel got me again now where was I? Oh yes.. facts.
The Ellen Marie all dolled up and at Owens and Sons dock Davis Creek, Bavon VA (did you think that is was just by chance I happen to live on Davis Creek in Bavon VA??)
1. I have a favorite song Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls it will remain my favorite song until the day I die there will be no other song that can take it's place. ever. I also can't listen to this song without crying or listening to it twice so that I smile the second time and that is always the way it works cry the first time smile the second. If it comes on the radio I have to change the station quickly because I know they aren't going to play it back to back and I will cry for hours.

What is your favorite song or what would you consider to be your "theme" song?
Great Uncles and Great Grandfather and Jelly on the Thomas E. Jelly had hands the size of dinner plates, no kidding.
2. 99% of the furnishings in my home are either A. Hand me Down B. Borrowed C. Heirlooms D. Just flat out stolen from the sister person. I like it this way, it means that just about everything in my home has meaning and a story and some kind of depth to it. These are the things that I like to have around me all the time it is kind of like having people around that don't talk back!

Look around you, is what you see new, was it always yours or once belong to your great great uncle, or is all sparkly new straight from Ikea?
You are probably thinking wait these are people not boats. Yes of course they are people but people who the boats were named after :)
The real Thomas E was my uncle Everette there on the left.
The real Ellen Marie was my grandmother in the white sitting beside Great Grandaddy Henry Owens.
On the right is Uncle Taylor oddly no boat had his name.

3. I live in Bavon, which is also known as the end of the friggin earth. I decided to live here for a reason, I liked it, I liked the quiet, that lasted all of 3 days. I miss the city, I miss having a mall on the way home from work, I miss having a Starbucks on every corner. I miss my state of the art gym with the indoor pool and the rock climbing wall, I even miss the traffic. I will probably end up back in the city some day, but for today it is beaches and quiet nights.

Where do you live and is it where you want to be forever?
Thats a lot of fish! Far right my grandfather Lemual "Snooks" Burroughs

4. Today is Friday and I am happy it is Friday for no other reason than it is Friday plain and simple. No big plans tonight just Friday. I do have some plans tomorrow Watergirl turns 16 on Monday and she requested Mexican dinner and a movie for her birthday plans so she and some of her friends will be going out to eat and a movie on Saturday on me. I didn't think that was bad for a 16th birthday much cheaper than those Sweet 16 shows she has been watching on MTV. Oh wait I forgot to mention the car she asked for. Yea that.. she is getting a car.. sigh. This leads to 2 questions.

What did you get or do for your 16th birthday?
Do you have any plans for the weekend?
One of my favorite pictures of all time. Pop doing what he did.
Thanks for playing along and again if you took the time read take the time to comment.. I like comments HAPPY FRIDAY!

Just another day on the bay.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Lesson in Proper Adjectives

Good Morning Young People.

That is the way one of my high school teachers started EVERY class, regardless of time of day. Good Morning Young People! Keep in mind this was the same teacher that passed out cold on her bar stool one day and had to be rushed to the doctor for "taking too much medicine". It does not escape me that in some households a good full bottle of Jim Beam is considered to the Miracle of all Medicines. Either way this post is not even about the Good Morning Young People teacher (there will be more to come on her in the coming weeks as there is much to tell) this post is about a lesson given to the Baby Waterboy this past week.

Proper adjectives while they seem to be easy little things some of them are a bit confusing to a 38 year old who hasn't picked up a grammar book in 20 years 12 year old. This particular assignment was technically given to him last Thursday and I promptly forgot that he had homework until 9:30 pm Sunday evening which lead to massive screaming fest to try to find the agenda and books and paper and pencil an organized walk to the table to complete the assignment.

Assignment: Change the following words to Proper Adjectives.
New Year's Day

Here is Waterboy's Answers

New Year's Day
Victoria's Secret

Yes.. you read that right.. Victoria's Secret.

I came so close to letting that paper be filed right in the homework folder just for the fun of it. I mean come on.. the 12 year old Victoria's Secret.. that is good stuff right? Let me explain why I did not, this will only be relevant to those that ever went to school in Mathews in the 7th grade but I want you to know that the English teacher you had 30 plus years ago... same one Baby Waterboy has today. While I love her to pieces as I have known her all my life there is just something about that look and that little disappointed shake of the head she can give that still just gets to me.

So sadly that night I took out an eraser and handed to the Baby Waterboy and said "erase.. that one is not right", at that moment something odd happened, something that has never happened before in life, the Baby Waterboy did not scream at me that he was right and I didn't know what I was talking about and he knew it was right and he wasn't going to change it and on and on and on, instead the miracle of all miracles occured, he took the eraser from my hand and began erasing. I stood there in shock for a couple of minutes trying to digest exactly what had happened and how I was time warped into someone else's kitchen with someone else's little boy doing the same exact homework assignment because this certainly was not my child .... that is until he looked up and saw me standing there in disbelief and said "What??!!??" it was that moment that I saw that little gleam of mischief in his eye, it was then that I saw what was really transpiring here, it was that exact second that I realized Victoria had been used for a small little bit of shock value.

It was then that once again he proved to me that he could be non other than exactly what he is.. my kid.