Friday, July 15, 2011

Proof this photographer is an idiot....

or maybe proof I do not deserve the title of photographer!

Ok so "you ain't gonna believe this shit...." this morning I set my alarm extra early on the first day of my vacation so that I could go capture the sunrise. I am typically an early riser to begin with so not much of a big deal getting the shots most of the time, however, this is a special vacation so there is a chance I will be sleeping until noon the rest of the time. By special vacation I mean the first REAL vacation I have taken in ... well ever... with no children, no parents, no agenda, no plan (unless of course you consider getting up at 5 am to take pictures a plan). The motto for this little trip of mine is "Arrive Thursday, Leave Sunday" which has absolutely nothing to do with the real days of arrival and departure but everything to do with arriving and leaving being the only plan there is and really those are subject to change.

The alarm clock goes off this morning, which is the sound of waves now thanks to CBWs alarm clock and my inventive mind to record it to my phone. You, however, would not believe how confusing it is to someone on the ocean that can hear waves outside the window to all of a sudden hear waves in side the window, I am considering changing it for the duration of my stay to something more suitable, like nothing. I am up and grab my camera off the table and my phone because I do enjoy sending Good Morning photos via text sometimes and out the door I go!

The sky is beautiful, pinks and oranges glowing, as I make my way closer to the beach the waves get louder and I am full of anticipation of that first look over the dunes, that first perfect shot. Apparently I have more anticipation than I do common sense because as I lifted the camera to take that last shot right before you crest the dune my camera reads.. E. E FOR ERROR! WTH??????

You ain't gonna believe this shit but I left the damn memory card in my computer!!!!!

I do not deserve the title of photographer.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Much to my complete and utter..

(or is it udder?) dismay the very first "You ain't going to believe this shit... " story is UNBLOGGABLE! The madness that ensued last night is beyond words actually, however, it would probably make a good in person story, sorta like the Madd Dogg 20/20 story but different. If you need to understand how completely unbloggable the story is, please see the title of this post and the fact that I am not sure which to use, "udder" or "utter".

My trip down was pretty unevent..... WAIT! STOP THE PRESSES! I do have an "You ain't going to believe this shit..." story I can throw at you.

You ain't going to believe this shit but, in my travels yesterday there was involvement of cheap clothes, wine, a hula hoop purchase, and a pit stop to take tractor pictures and that isn't even the cool part! I was more than what you would call excited about arriving at my destination and spending much needed Sisper time, well, with my Sisper. My mind was on the prize HOME TO MY SISPER, ok ok, my sisper and an ice cold Smirrinoff but that is beside the point.

I was flying down 168 on my broom in the Acura and making some really good time when upon the Washington Wright Memorial Bridge I do descend. The sky was beautiful with an amazing sunset that I could not stop and capture due to being on the bridge but that, again, is beside the point... thump thump thump over the bridge I go (you know that sound your car makes on a bridge right?) then up the big hill on the bridge and WAM!!!! there they are.. HUNDREDS... THOUSANDS... BUNCHES.. of bats flying out from under the bridge! BATS! Have I mentioned I LOVE BATS!!!!!!

I didn't hit any bats because bats aren't something you easily hit. I did, however, want bring the broom Acura to a screeching halt right there and get a shot or 346 of the bats with this amazing sunset! I glanced behind me and it just wasn't going to happen. sigh.

Ok so not the best "You ain't going to believe this shit..." story but it is going to have to do!

So today you are stuck with an OBX sunrise and a tractor.

Update: Here is another photo of last nights happenings that was found after the original blog post.. does this say anything????

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Varrrrruuummmmmmmm (running vacuum)
Swish swish swish swish (sweeping)
Poff poff poff (dusting)
Squee squee squee (mopping)

Ok that should about do it... all cleaned out and off, ready for a fun filled stay in OBX. Photos and stories to ensue shortly with many a post probably starting with: "You ain't gonna believe this shit...."