Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beans Don't burn on the grill....

Moving on up!! To the top.. to a deluxe apartment in the skyyy....

Ok Ok so the words may be a little askew there and maybe just a little backwards but you get the point. And it isn't a deluxe apartment.. and the truth is fish DO fry in our kitchen.. what does fish frying have to do with coming into money and moving up anyway???

Oh... we didn't come into money. Not like the Jefferson's anyway.

We are moving this week... not very far, across the yard to be exact. One would think that wouldn't be so bad.. WRONG. The truth is .. it was EASIER to move from NC to VA than 100 yards or so away!

I have ONE room done.. 4 1/2 more to go.. I say 1/2 cause I am not counting the bathroom as a whole room. My son's bedroom looks so nice. That would be the one that is complete.

What makes me sad.. I am going to have to downgrade my books.. AGAIN. I am losing at LEAST one large book shelf. I think the paper backs are biting it this time. Simply because I can put them in a box and store them in our shed and I will at least KNOW where they are.. Have you ever seen anyone soooo attached to their BOOKS? Those books got me through many many lonely days, they became my "friends". How pathetic is that??? Now I have a loving husband and two wonderful sons and an amazing daughter to fill my days, but I STILL can't let them go.

Oh that isn't a RANDOM baby.. that is Tyler my BFF's new baby.. I say new cause he is only a few months old and he is still really NEW to me. And NOTHING is wrong with his arm.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This one is for the girls...

Glitter Graphics

Piczo Lips

Do I even have to say the word???

I am still in Maryland.. will be going home late tomorrow evening but I thought I would say hi and give you a smooch and .. well how about a baby picture to make a very short post all that more exciting.

Monday, January 21, 2008

What I should be doing..

What I should be doing is taking a shower and getting dressed.
What I am doing is laying on the bed in my pjs watching a Tru Calling marathon.

What I should be doing is packing my clothes for my three day trip to Maryland.
What I am doing is washing clothes because I did not bother to do it yesterday.

What I should be doing is going to my grandfathers to rummage through a few things I have left thing sorting what goes where.
What I am doing is waiting until next weekend when I can make my daughter go with me so I don't have to go alone.

What I should be doing is logging on to blogger every day and giving you an update.
What I am doing is hiding in my own little world cause I just don't feel like dealing.

What I should be doing is hopping right back on the diet wagon cause I was doing so well.
What I am doing is eating myself crazy.

I am alive.. I am well.. well kinda sorta.. oh and because I haven't showered yet.. I stink ..