Thursday, June 28, 2007

I promise this to you..

NOTHING I have been doing is either fun or exciting. I have learned that I know nothing about math or law.. well that is a lie I know LOTS about law but that is limited to Judge Judy, and all her crazy ass day time tv counterparts, and every episode of law and order.

Do you guys know that some nut job in Chicago committed a murder, actually not just one murder he killed his whole family and shot his self... staged the WHOLE thing exactly after a Law and Order episode! What a moron! Who thinks to their self .. Hey I am going go kill my whole family and do it just like I just watch on Law and Order and NO ONE will ever know.. I am the only person who saw this episode.. well me and the other 300,000 morons watching it at the exact same time as me.. oh and the other million that has seen it in reruns.

I mean come on!!!

Ok.. I have learned something else.. I have another word I HATE.. Dollop!
What the HELL IS A DOLLOP! It is NOT dollop of sour cream it is a FRIGGING SPOON FULL! The only thing that deserves a DOLLOP is something that I just DROPPELED on the ground! It sounds like something.. (I am thinking maybe a seagull) propells out of his ass about 30 ft in the air right above the steak you are getting ready to eat.. now that my friends should be called a DOLLOP.

I would say that is my most hated word in the world, but it isn't.. someone reading this MAY know what that is.. and post it.. I can't even make my self TYPE it..
I found out that I could not type that particular word while discussing this exact subject with my boss who used the word SATURATE to describe a report, Yes I have issues with the word saturate, I am getting freaked out just reading that word.. just frigging EW. But guess what! She isn't using that word anymore .. hehehehe I love my boss!

5^5 SMMOOOOCHHHHIIIEEESSS to EVERYONE! The first person who can tell me how many that is gets double!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I wish..

it were more exciting but the truth is i have just been busy.

I went to Chicago for three days, then worked two more, then had a tooth out, then took the the Dude to NC for the week coming up.. just have been going going going.

Orientation was Thrusday night for school and that starts tomorrow. I am looking forward to it greatly but just a little scared at the same time.

right now.. it is Sunday afternoon I am childless and I think I am going to take another nap!!!!

But I am alive :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I am good how about you??

Seriously I logged on to ask how you guys are..
Who really cares what I am doing right?

Ok I go to orientation Thursday night.. I am scared. I bought my class books.. scared me worse!

I fly out to Chicago Monday AM so I may or may not post next week but at least you guys know where I am.

The program has been going well. I bought a new scale today.. two of them to be exact. A weight scale and a food scale. The first thing I found out was that my OLD scale was weighing 3 pounds lighter than the new more accurate one. We found out it was broke when the dear Waterman got on it and it weighed him 20 pounds difference that the dr office. Thank God mine was only 3 pounds off...

The other thing is I think we should put Binky Boo on a program too. Her mother was 6 pounds and her father was over 10. Binky boo is TIPPING the scales at 3 lbs 3 oz!! She is fully grown. I am so not complaining. She is the sweetest most wonderful little angel!! I suppose I should tell you all Binky Boo was the first thing I weighed in my new food scale. LOL.

I have found a new show.. Army Wives.. it is really sad.. but good.

New episode is coming on so I have to run.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So here is what is going on in my world..

I have been MIA again.
My 9 year old graduates from grade school this week.. fun stuff for us. He has a ceremony tomorrow morning so I get to get dressed up.

I have been working a lot had some issues to deal with and such.

Having my daughter last weekend was WONDERFUL we had a great time.. she is such a great kid.

School is approved and I go next week to finalize everything and do oreintaion (maybe I should learn to spell that word)

Here is my secret. I am on a new diet.. I hate that word I want to use program so from here on out if I mean "my program" you will know I am referring to the way I am eating. I will tell you if the program is going good.. or not so good. I will not tell you how much I weigh or how much I want to lose. That I will save for goal day.

I know I have not posted pictures of what I REALLY look like on here and my weight is a good reason why but on goal day I will post a before and after picture. And then I will tell you how I did it. I will say this for now. It does not include any surgery or any kind of medication.

PSA.. THE FOLLOWING IS NASTY!!!! Not in a sexual kind of way but a POOPY kind of way..

Speaking of diet medication, Alli goes on sale today or tomorrow. People are raving about it. I am very sorry but there is NO WAY i could rave over something that caused.. Look away now if you get quimish ANAL LEAKAGE!! Apparently from the reports I have read and heard on TV this medication blocks fat and if you consume fat it has to go somewhere and it is SUPPOSED to go out in waste. Ok I get that makes sense to me. THEN they say if you consume just a little too much fat that it will LEAK OUT prior to waste time. I am sorry but I think I would KNOW if I was LEAKING!!! Oh and also it could cause SEVERE diaherrea like in the middle of a store and you CANT make it to the bathroom. WHO WOULD PUT THEIRSELVES IN THAT SITUATION for the expected weight loss of 1 pound a WEEK and that is IF you follow a diet and excercise program. for the life of me I can't find the benefit in it other than maybe you won't eat fatty foods out of fear of POOPING IN PUBLIC!!!

oh. if any of you are thinking of trying Alli.. I am sorry.. but this IS my blog and THOSE are my thoughts.

Anal leakage.. just ew.

ok.. so back to the regularly scheduled me.

Please don't think I am hiding anything from you guys.. I love you all you know that. I just want this to work for me and I am using the "unveiling" of myself to you guys as motivation!! So please bare with me and be supportive of my secretive little program.

Oh and to my lovely sister.. I may tell you what I am doing and you will see the progress because I will SEE you BUT you have to promise not to post about it on your blog.. some of my regulars have been known to hop over and see how you are and what you are up to! LHK

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Not Surprising to me..

I am a day late with my report..

I am sad to say there is no particular reason really. Well today I have a good reason. I have laid in bed all day and done NOTHING. The poor Waterman was left to make dinner again tonight. Granted it was wonderful as usual. He made me and the Dude hamburgers on our new grill. ACTUALLY the Waterman has grilled dinner EVERY NIGHT this weekend. I have only cooked the sides. I love this man!!

My daughter spent the weekend with us and that was very nice. Friday and Saturday we went out on the boat and both nights she and I watched TV together until dozing off on the sofas. She is such a great kid, although a bit of a channel flipper which I totally HATE!!! I actually hid it from her for awhile today.

I really have more to say but .. I have not felt well all day and I am going to bed.

Triple Smooches to Kim.. doubles to the rest of you!

I have news but you are going to have to come back to find out what it is..

Friday, June 8, 2007

I am seriously ok

Ok.. I am never ok.. because my brain doesn't work that way.
I was out of town again and today was NUTS at work and then I picked up the Middle Child from school and been hanging out with her all evening..

I promise a full report of the goings ons tomorrow..

SMOOCHES to the ones who came looking for me!!!

Katy you get double smooches for asking!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

You just can't make this stuff up!!!

I read this today in one of our local weekly papers.. that is right WEEKLY.. we aren't even big enough to have a Daily Paper and when this town gets on the news they NEVER EVER pronouce the names of the neighborhoods correctly.

But this little ad amused me to the point I snorted!

BEDSIDE COMMODE. Invacare. Model 9630 Adjustable Height, Appears Unused. $35 OBO.

I don't know about you but because it is Model 9630 and not 8345 and since it APPEARS unused I think I will offer $50!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ok so maybe I am pretty smart.

Smarter than a 5th grader at least.

I passed my test with flying colors which is also why have been MIA the last four days. I am working on knocking out as many self paced courses as I can between now and June 25th. That is when my not self paced classes start. Nothing to hard to start with. Some kind of Math and Business Law 101. I could probably test out of the Math but I need it to be my starter class.

I hope you are all doing well.. blog reading has halted the same as blog writing.. I am trying to play a little catch up tonight!