Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yea well.. what exactly can I say

I stink at having fans.

To all of you that keep coming back to only see the same damn message ... SMOOCH! Bunches of them.

I am in the final count down in this semester.. finals next week. Work has gone completey NUTS.. along with my youngest who by the way just turned 10 yesterday, (where do the years go???) who is driving the awesome waterman that way very quickly.

I honestly do not have my shit together at the moment. I honestly do not know how to get shit together.. I am not sure I want to learn how.. that just seems gross. Where did that phrase come from.. getting ones shit together. Why would I want to know if you had yours together or why would you want to know that I had mine together???

or worse.. why would you want to know that I DON'T have my shit together.. does that mean I have shit all over in little piles?

Does this give any of you a peek into my state of mind at the moment????


  1. Oh sweetie! It's OKAY for your shit to be all over the place in little piles sometimes. It's even okay for it to be all over the place in huge piles. Or else we could just say that lately your life has been a beach; if that one conjures up better mind pictures! HAHA! Yes, I am one who stalks you only to read the same message. But it is worth it to finally get a new smooch!

    Take care and come back again soon.

  2. If you ever find out how to get those little piles of shit swept up into "togetherness" then please let me know.
    Smooches right back your way, now go study and make us proud.

  3. HEY YOU! Thanks for the comment and the personal smooch; you're the best! I feel honored, because I know how busy you are and how nuts it all is for you.

    Just know this--I'll be thinking of you and pulling for you during finals week, and YOU'LL DO JUST GREAT! YOU WILL!! Keep checking in during the week; I may just leave you words of encouragement. Which will make all the difference for you--MWAHAHAHAH!

    SO GLAD YOU SURFACED, and we'll talk to ya after finals!

  4. Hey, Smart Girl!

    Congrats on the EGGGGSELENT grades! What a freakin' relief, huh? I used to watch The Guiding Light religiously but, man, that Reva has really been thru the paces! Makes it appear we have calm lives--HAHAHA! All of this busy-ness goes WAY against my lazy grain :)! A BIG SMOOCH and another bunch of good thoughts for the rest of the exam(s)...let me know the good news on the rest, K?