Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi they Ho there Jose there!

Yea it is all underlined and I don't know WHY.. crap.

Yea I let this blog go.. on purpose sorta. Moved on to other things in my life like facebook farming, photography and massive amounts of Jose consumption. I mean seriously what is life without Jose.

Now on to now.. I met an amazing group of ladies that made me want to get back into this whole bloggy business so here I am. I would promise to do better and what not but I can't make such promises as most of the time when I am in front of this thing it is in a Jose Induced State. Will well call it JIS .. just cause JIS sounds pretty cool.

So anyway back to the bloggy ladies.. they had VA Blogfest 09 and I missed 99% of it cause well it was a this and a that and this and oh yea THAT weekend.. so I will leave you with pictures of the biggest event of that weekend..



  1. Yay! So you really had a happy b-day;)

  2. Hi, Ann Marie!! I'm sorry you missed so much of Blog Fest, but it was a pleasure to meet you!!! I'm sure we'll be crossing paths again soon....I can't stay away from CBW for long;) Jose?? I feel a puke coming on...!!!

  3. Perhaps you missed some of Blog Fest, but I would argue that you and the Waterman provided the most incredible, magical boat ride that I have ever in my life had--and I'm from Mathews and have been on a boat ride or two.

    The fact that you had porpoises trained to wink at us was simply over the top.

    You should link here (and maybe you have) to your photography blog, too. Your photos are really great.

  4. Ya know what Anne Marie...despite not getting enough time to hang out with you; you and your hubby having managed to have the dolphins greet us and hang out for us with a bit was simply the icing on the cake for the entire trip! Seriously.

    Wave to the dolphins for me, from your friend in Maine.

  5. They look sooo cool, thanks for taking me friday night to meet everyone I have been reading about/with!!!And for letting me drink two glasses of wine one one which is so unheard of for me you know I am ALWAYS the driver:) Wish we could have stayed with those ladies for the the whole weekend and drove both the boats ourselves all over the county!!!

  6. Anne Marie, that boat ride was fantastic! We had such a good time meeting your and your husband!

    Welcome back to blogging!

  7. I'm glad you picked up blogging again, Ann Marie -- you're obviously good at it! And how cute are those KIDS?! Great costumes, great photos.

    For next year's Blogfest you'll be there the whole time, I'm sure. Thnks again to you and The Waterman for a memorable boat ride!