Thursday, October 22, 2009

The label.

I like to label myself, I have done it for as long as I can remember.. One label at a time please.

I am a writer... wait no I am not.. I am a sewer (yes I can sew a fact I keep rather hidden).. wait no I am not... I am a cross stitcher.. wait... painter... wait... knitter... wait ... photographer.... this list could continue for a very long time.

do you see the pattern here?

What I mentally (yes I said mentally.. this does not mean I am mental, then again it also does not mean I am not) NEED to do is turn all those Waits into ANDs!!!! Such as I am a writer AND a sewer AND...

A very good friend pointed out to me today that I am not just one thing... I am many things that I should be very proud of! So the next time you need something done and you aren't quite sure if you can do it yourself.. TRY!!!! Because in the end I think we all want to have a lot of ANDS!


  1. AND I CAN make perfect bacon all by myself!!!

  2. I'd like to have the "ands" but lose the "half-assed" part of my list. "Half-assed cook, half-assed mother, half-assed employee, etc."

    Sorry for saying ass so many times.

  3. saying Ass is ok... I have many many more thinks I am half assed at... cleaning, bill paying, parenting, see... lots of things

    I am just surprised that my Anonymous friend up there didn't comment saying..

    You forgot... AND FUNCTIONING DRUNK!

  4. you are not half assed at that!!!

  5. some things I give my all.. like my alcohol!

  6. some things I give my all.. like my alcohol!

  7. I like the tone of these comments! The only label I really care about is the one that says "Cabernet Sauvignon"

  8. I wonder if I will get the Oyster Queen label this year???? Just dreamin'!See ya soon!