Friday, July 15, 2011

Proof this photographer is an idiot....

or maybe proof I do not deserve the title of photographer!

Ok so "you ain't gonna believe this shit...." this morning I set my alarm extra early on the first day of my vacation so that I could go capture the sunrise. I am typically an early riser to begin with so not much of a big deal getting the shots most of the time, however, this is a special vacation so there is a chance I will be sleeping until noon the rest of the time. By special vacation I mean the first REAL vacation I have taken in ... well ever... with no children, no parents, no agenda, no plan (unless of course you consider getting up at 5 am to take pictures a plan). The motto for this little trip of mine is "Arrive Thursday, Leave Sunday" which has absolutely nothing to do with the real days of arrival and departure but everything to do with arriving and leaving being the only plan there is and really those are subject to change.

The alarm clock goes off this morning, which is the sound of waves now thanks to CBWs alarm clock and my inventive mind to record it to my phone. You, however, would not believe how confusing it is to someone on the ocean that can hear waves outside the window to all of a sudden hear waves in side the window, I am considering changing it for the duration of my stay to something more suitable, like nothing. I am up and grab my camera off the table and my phone because I do enjoy sending Good Morning photos via text sometimes and out the door I go!

The sky is beautiful, pinks and oranges glowing, as I make my way closer to the beach the waves get louder and I am full of anticipation of that first look over the dunes, that first perfect shot. Apparently I have more anticipation than I do common sense because as I lifted the camera to take that last shot right before you crest the dune my camera reads.. E. E FOR ERROR! WTH??????

You ain't gonna believe this shit but I left the damn memory card in my computer!!!!!

I do not deserve the title of photographer.


  1. OH no ... but you had your phone .. not the same not the same at all but in an emergency ... I feel your pain

  2. Trust me, I believe it, because I have driven from my house all the way to New Point before and done the same thing.

    You most certainly do deserve the title, though. The forgetfulness or whatever it's called just comes with age.

    Speaking of age....someone has a birthday coming up.