Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It is my birthday and I have cute toes! How much more awesome can one be on their birthday!
I was taken to lunch and dinner and got to get my toes rubbed and painted, they are a really LUVERLY pink. The most LUVERLY sister person treated me very well and has only once or twice alluded to the fact that I am right now older than her. She has only 13 more days to pull that stunt. I was treated to Starbucks, the toesy rubbin', then an AWESOME Mexican dinner while we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's! Doesn't that sound just heavenly??

Want to know what makes it even cooler we get to do it all again in 13 days when she is OLD too!!! Granted she gets to pick the dinner but I am betting the Starbucks and the toe rubbin' remains the same. If for nothing else my feet are scaring her and she will want to keep them pretty in pink.

I miss the husband VERY MUCH but I am LOVING the toes.


  1. And the very girly colored toes at that! I'm quite shocked and amazed at the color selection.

  2. Yum...every girl should get food and pink toes for her birthday.
    I bet hubby misses you too, but he can have daydreams about your pink toes until you get back.

  3. Just realized while I did leave a comment on the last post, it wouldn't seem proper if I didn't wish you a happy birthday here, as well.

  4. Ann has been a week! Are you still celebrating your pink toes and birthday?

  5. Ann Marie....almost 3 weeks! I do hope you aren't working or studying too hard..

  6. Somehow I missed this post in my reader! Sorrrry.... and happy (belated) birthday! Sounds like a great one!