Monday, July 16, 2007

Hook, Line and Stinker!

Ok everyone here is the line that has been requested in the last week!

As far is the hook.. I really do not have one other than my prize winning personality!!!

And the stinker.. this is my birthday week.. my first birthday in my whole life that I am married... my first birthday in my whole life that I have a husband to share my day with. I have always been a birthday person my birthday is MY day I should get to do what I want and people should treat me like a princess on my birthday. I should not have to lift a finger on my birthday. This is no different than any other day except I can say.. YOU HAVE TO CAUSE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY. If I tell my husband to wear a tu tu and dance the can can he has to because it is my BIRTHDAY. If I tell my son that he has to paint my toe nails he has to because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY. And because it is my birthday they have to SMILE while doing it. All sounds great.. right?? NOT the stinker is I will NOT be with my husband or my son... and when I scream BUT IT IS MY BIRTHDAY at my sister (who I will be spending my day with) she just screams back YES IT IS AND ALL IT MEANS IS NOW YOU ARE OLDER THAN ME!!!!

Life is so unfair.


  1. Happy Birthday! As your gift, I will not sing for you. Trust me - that is a good gift.

  2. I also offered to take you to a show, even VINCE GILL for the love of Lucy. VINCE GILL! That's what I would do for you on your birthday. When is the last time you and I have celebrated your birthday together?
    Turn that frown upside down. You have until August 1 to be treated like a princess for your birthday. After that, it's all about the YOUNGER sister.

  3. Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to Ann....Happy Birthday to you!