Monday, January 21, 2008

What I should be doing..

What I should be doing is taking a shower and getting dressed.
What I am doing is laying on the bed in my pjs watching a Tru Calling marathon.

What I should be doing is packing my clothes for my three day trip to Maryland.
What I am doing is washing clothes because I did not bother to do it yesterday.

What I should be doing is going to my grandfathers to rummage through a few things I have left thing sorting what goes where.
What I am doing is waiting until next weekend when I can make my daughter go with me so I don't have to go alone.

What I should be doing is logging on to blogger every day and giving you an update.
What I am doing is hiding in my own little world cause I just don't feel like dealing.

What I should be doing is hopping right back on the diet wagon cause I was doing so well.
What I am doing is eating myself crazy.

I am alive.. I am well.. well kinda sorta.. oh and because I haven't showered yet.. I stink ..



  1. Luckily, we can't smell anything through the monitor. I can't take a shower yet this morning, either, because there are men down in my basement replacing the broken slop sink and the water is turned off.

    I loved Tru Calling. We were not happy around here when they canceled that show.

  2. Hey, there. Welcome back -- sorry about all the crap you're going through. Sounds like a less-than-fun winter.

    I'm sending hopeful thoughts your way...

  3. Even if I could smell you through the monitor and even if you did stink, I would still give you a big smooch. Because you posted, and that means you're clawing your way up and out. Here's the good thing. I don't know so much about all the other junk you have to deal with, but when it comes to blogging what I know is there will be people waiting for you no matter how long it takes, and no matter how much you stink. And we will smooch you just like you were always here. Honest.

  4. Excuse me, but it's Wednesday and I am in need of smooches. Lots of them. Get on it, please.