Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This one is for the girls...

Glitter Graphics

Piczo Lips

Do I even have to say the word???

I am still in Maryland.. will be going home late tomorrow evening but I thought I would say hi and give you a smooch and .. well how about a baby picture to make a very short post all that more exciting.


  1. Ann Marie! I'm SO sorry. I didn't realize you'd been deleted. I did some work on the site a few days ago and I wasn't the most clear headed at the time. But you'll be happy to know that you're already back on my blogroll.

    I'm sorry!

  2. Well, you have just ensured that today will be a much better day for me than yesterday was. Hallelujah! What is better than a smooch? A BIG, PINK, GLITTERY smooch! How fun!!!! And the baby? Awww...I love babies with bad hair. And babies with good hair. And the ones with no hair are so cute. Hell, you just cannot go wrong with pictures of babies.

    A big thanks-for-saving-the-day smooch for you!

  3. random baby picture posting? whose baby is that and what's up with the hair?

  4. That baby looks terrified of those lips!

  5. and what's up with the baby's arm?

  6. I love your big smoochies....makes my day!