Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok Granny...

Who I have this horrible feelings is very closely related to the same Granny that answered the phone when she was 15 as "Granny" only to find out that it was her prom date calling! Talk about... HUMILIATING.

Anyway that happened way way back in the 80's and I have gotten over it (read: not really and that I still have nightmares about it) but speaking of the 80's I was transported right back to 1984 this weekend when I took Sis to the movies with 3 of her friends for her 14th birthday. They had to pick a movie age appropriate because my mother was in charge of the other girls and well their parents would get upset with her. We have very different ideas of appropriate but the girls did good and picked the movie Step Up 2. Now this was a good movie with a GREAT underlying story that is if you quit drooling over the hot guys and their delicious dancer bodies long enough to realize there was a story (read: I only noticed the story part on the way home). Anyway where I was transported was the moment the movie started. I saw their clothes.. I heard their music.. I heard the names of their crews.. I was TOLD what they were doing is called Street Dancing but I kept shaking my head muttering to myself .. no.. no.. no... no.

These hot bodies were not STREET dancing.. they were full force BREAK dancing.. what I found even funnier is that my daughter and her adorable little friends think ALL of those moves are new. HA. After the movie I wanted to go rent the movie Breakin' and turn it on mute so they would not laugh at the music and go.. SEE!!! It wasn't YOU .. it was US!!! The kids of the 80's!!! NOT YOU LITTLE PUNK ASSES, but again my mother would not have approved. So what I did instead was while the girls were in the parking lot showing each other the Pop n Lock.. (read: really screwing up the Pop n Lock) I speak up and say.. Umm girls you are doing that wrong.

What did I get for my effort. Strange blank stare by 4 girls.. followed by eye rolls by 4 girls.. followed by my daughter saying to them.. Like she would know!

What they don't know.. is that myself, my brother and my favorite cousin were all very much into it and were quite good and it doesn't matter that I am twice those little punk ass girls age.. I CAN STILL POP N LOCK BETTER THAN THEY EVER DREAMED THEY COULD.



  1. I JUST KNEW YOU DIDN'T FORGET US! I needed a little smooch!

  2. Okay, now. Bearing in mind that I am an old broad, vintage late '60s/early '70s, I don't know what a Pop N Lock is. BUT...I may have done it a time or two. Never in a parking lot, though. We were usually parked by the lake. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Gotcha.

    That is all.


  3. I LOVED the Granny story. You had such a good recovery on the phone.

    I could never Pop N Lock. Just never happened. Kev was awesome.

    Too funny. Your daughter would crack up if she knew even 1/4 of the stories.

  4. Ugh. Dancing. I can't do it. I have no sense of rhythm. None at all.

  5. A Concerned CitizenMarch 7, 2008 at 1:10 PM

    If you don't update this post you are going to have to take me to the hospital!