Tuesday, June 3, 2008


why is it soooo easy to get discouraged. I am down.. quite down. I have some crap going on.. with the kid.. but that doesn't have me down. My dang weight has me down. I am not losing the way I want to.. I have got to get over this and just keep going.. keep pedaling.. keep stepping.. it will work out.



  1. It is so easy to get discouraged. You know that you will hit spots in your weight loss journey where you will not be able to lose for a while and you feel like giving up. Don't forget how good it felt when you were losing and remember that you will get over that little bump in the road soon.
    DD and I could do your room with the paint I bought way too much of lol.

  2. Look at the "big picture." You've been doing great! I'm having a hard time even getting started...and part of it has to do with my daughter. I know I need to find another way to comfort myself when I'm taking an emotional hit. You can do it--you have proven it already.

  3. Keep going Girl! it's a marathon, not a sprint. Just remember how long it took to get to where we are, professionally, personally, mentally . . . the whole thing. We've focused on other things and people instead of ourselves for quite some time. The changes we are making now are going to take some time. Don't get discouraged. I know I do at times but we have so many more positive things in our lives that we paid attention to while we got fat. LOL! LHK We are in this together.