Monday, June 2, 2008


APPARENTLY this is the 100th post. 100. I didn't realize I had so much to say. Well technically today I don't.

I didn't take pictures this week. This is the first time in weeks I did not take pictures. So I will have my daughter take them when she gets home. I was busy enjoying the weekend. Sorry.

I honestly don't have that much to say today. Weekend was GREAT... spent one day at the beach one day at the pool. The kids are slightly pink this morning. I am just slightly more browned as Dude told me yesterday. The kid.. has his own name for things.. we have a time around here trying to figure out what he is talking about sometimes, but even if you tell him what the real name is .. it doesn't seem logical to him so he continues to use his own terminology. Which is ok at that point cause you have already spent the three hours to figure out what the hell he is talking about.

here are a few examples.

Dude:"Mom.. my foot is tired."
Me:Umm ok how do you KNOW your FOOT is tired?
Dude: "Cause it is tingling"
Me: No Dude.. it is asleep.. not tired
Dude:"Well I can't tell my foot is asleep but it feels TIRED"
Me:Umm ok.

Overheard during a thunder storm:
Dude: "Mom, if a thunder shock hits you can it kill you?"
Me: A what?"
Dude: " a thunder shock"
Me: Thunder is the noise you hear.. it can't hit you.
Dude.. "NOOOOO not the noise the shock part you see."
Me: "Oh lightening. Yes it can kill you."
Dude.. "Oh ok so you wouldn't want a thunder shock to hit you then."
Me.. SIGH.. yes you would NOT want a thunder shock to hit you.

One night watching TV this little heated discussion took place

Dude: Hand me a cupboard
Me: a what?
Dude: a cupboard
Me: (thinking I was hearing him incorrectly) A WHAT?
Me: (now knowing I heard correctly but still had no clue what he was talking about) Umm WHAT??? WHAT ARE YOU ASKING ME FOR?? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU.
Dude: FORGET IT! I WILL GET IT MYSELF. (gets up from floor walks straight towards me leans over coffee table picks up object holds in it my face) A CUP BOARD!!!!!!
Me: (after seeing the object) OHHHH A COASTER
Dude: " A CUP BOARD.. A CUP BOARD.. (holds up his cup.. holds up the coaster, shows me his cup.. says.. CUP.. shows me the coaster (which is made of wood) says BOARD... puts cup on coaster) A CUP BOARD.

There are more.. many more.. but I have decided to forget them or I would end up talking like.. like.. like I am half crazy yet logical.


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  1. Oh. My. Gracious. You need to keep a list of those new words. Interesting the way his mind works. You should teach him how to knit. Does he test as a genius?