Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Get Away Driver..

I have to say that taking shot around town is quite amusing in itself, however it would not be nearly as fun or interesting without my own personal Get Away Driver. He has mentioned that this in fact makes him in cahoots with me on my little excursions until I very matter a factly pointed out we don't REALLLLY do anything illegal. It means nothing that in one had I carry a camera and in the other a leash and at random times holler HERE HERE HERE in a way that only the Hounddog could have taught me years and years ago at the age of two. (cover stories are a must have in the business of not REALLLLY doing anything illegal)

The last couple of days I spent more time on the road with the Get Away Driver than I have since our honeymoon. (Did I just give away his identity?? opps) I have to admit it has been great, we have said more "I don't remember that being there" and "Wow look how much that has changed" than ever before and it was a complete blast.

Unfortunately I am not one for patience so I posted all the good shots on facebook with captions cause I don't want to wait to post one at a time, but I will be using some as fodder cause after all those old house have stories to tell of babies and life back in the day and why the top window looks like a cross. For now... I think I will leave you with this..

"Cruising along in my automobile... baby sitting beside me at the wheel..."

Considering that is what I was doing and all..



  1. I like that car, think we can redo it?

    And do tell, was that a strip club or not? I need to know if I should start practicing.

  2. No Phyl.. not a strip club much to the Get Away Drivers disappoint me.. it is a nice little community shop with nick nacks that would make any nick nacker proud.

    I think we can do anything we set our minds too.