Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ringing out the New Year...

Yesterday evening the husband and I were watching a little boob tube and something caught our eye and we had to run out and get it for New Years Eve.. (ok ok it was Ben and Jerry's ice cream .. don't ask) Anyway when I walked out the door my I glanced up and the sky and exclaimed.. SCREW THE ICE CREAM.. I got to have that shot! So with as much speed a humanly possibly on that windy little road to Harpers Creek we dashed.. me with camera in hand and pa in his kercheif.. (oh wait wrong story)

It is times like these I wish I could have been a Cullen. On the other hand I am not 100% sure they appreciate sun sets. I could not think of a better way to ring out the old year and bring in the new than a shot of the sun setting in 2008 and rising in 2009 (if anyone has a shot of that sun rising thing let me know.. K?)

I am wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy and Prosperous 2009!

Yesterday I spent a girls day with my girls (..and no I don't mean the boobs as one of my friends thought I meant when I sent her a text stating I was hanging out with the girls today.) So I will explain, I have one daughter so most would think I would say I was "hanging on with my girl" um no.. cause regardless of the fact that I have only one daughter I do in fact have a niece hence girlS. We had a blast. We did the following:

A. Took the oldest girl to CHKD to have her ankle rechecked. Still must wear air cast but does not need crutches and has exercises she has to do or next thing will be supervised PT. (there are no pictures of that)

B. We went to the book store and both girls got books, even though one girl apparently calls the other girl weird cause she reads too much when we got to the book store she decided she liked to read too. (there are no pictures of this either)

C. We went to the mall in search of a Beatles calendar which we found.. unfortunately we also found a iCarly and a Funny Bunny calendar too, I am still not sure how the hunt for ONE calendar turned into the purchase of three but it did. (there are no pictures of this)

D. We played in the mall and got yelled at in Spencers.. THERE ARE PICTURES OF THIS...

E. We went to lunch at one of our favorite spots in Newport News I think it is called Atzeca or something like that.. but it is where the old Chi Chis was. (again no pictures I had chips in my hands)

F. MANIS!!! Only one shot of that.. the chick yelled at me in a very firm Asian kinda way and believe me having a cuticle clipper poked at you with every word is intimidating so I put the camera away. I actually got the most important shot cause this was her FIRST mani.

G. Then there was another unfortunate incident that included a Pumba and a galloping horse.. I think my child now hates me but it is really her fault .. shortly before arriving at this particular destination we were singing "I just can't wait to be King" .. you know from the Lion King.. oh come on YOU KNOW.. Everybody Look Left.. Everybody Look Right.. Everywhere you Look I'm standing spot light.. oh well you don't know.. ok. Hakuna Matata.. know that one? Oh.. K.. Good. Well as we are singing the daughter screams I am PUMBA!! So what you are about to see is HER fault!

Tomorrow.. the girls day from Tuesday, including different girls and at least 3 pair of ugly shoes.


  1. That was a wonderful start to a New Year and by the way A is one of H's favorite people!!! She even brought him a card when he was out of school sick she is soooo sweet!!Can't wait for shoes I love shoes.


  2. Ugly shoes? 3 pairs? I think not!

    Yelled at in Spencers? oh my.

    AND I saw another Mrs. Robinson couple in the same grocery store yesterday.

  3. Plaza Azteca is a fine, fine place indeed!