Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Self Portrait Project

I know that some of you saw these on Facebook and wondered what in the world is all that about.. well I am here on the blog to tell you, not that it was any big secret because I think most women have this issue but I hate the way I look in photos. (ok that is a fib I just typically hate the way I look in general but for the sake of keeping this short we will just say in photos ok??)

I have been working on trying to stay in a more positive mind set recently (four days really but who's counting) and while it is hard work I am determined to see this through and wake up in the morning with a positive thought and go to sleep with a positive thought, and have the other thoughts in between positive as well. I am sure I will miss the "I am going to spork your eyeball out if you don't shut up!" thoughts from time to time but for right now I am packing them in a trunk and moving on to warm puppies and rainbows.

So here is where the project came in, I realized that one of the things I am most negative about is ME. I actually had THREE people in two days ask me why I was so hard on myself. I didn't even realize I had been that negative about my thoughts of myself, but apparently I have been, according to Facebook. I couldn't think of anything specific I had said and while I asked them to point it out they really couldn't find a post (I mean there are thousands ya know) but I figured with three separate people saying it, that were not connected, there must be some truth in it.

On Monday I was feeling a bit more like the old me than has been the norm for months so I hopped in my car and went to Haven Beach to take some photos of ghosts whatever caught my eye, when nothing seemed quite right for photo taking, I did the unthinkable, I turned the camera around backwards and took nothing but photos of me. I called it the "Self Portrait Project" for lack of a better title and decided I was going to process them and post some on Facebook regardless of how I felt about them. The longer they have stayed up the better I have felt, not because of the comments (which were great by the way) but just because I was seeing me in a bit of a different like (aside from the fact that I have realized I have freaky ass blue eyes that I never noticed until I removed all color except from my eyes in a photo) but I feel like that little project in it self has helped me, I can't promise I won't run from a camera pointed at me anymore but I am going to try to be a little less camera shy and not so critical of myself.

The way I figure it, in order for other people to love me the way I want and need them too, I need to also, it is not fair to ask them to do something I don't really do myself. Ya know?

Anyway without further ado, the photos.


  1. Bravo, Re! I know the feeling of hating the way I look in photos (or ingeneral really) and I'm always the one behind the camera. The photos are great!

  2. Ditto Jamie! You really are beautiful you know...inside and out! Love you Re.

  3. It's true that we are always our own worst critic. I think it's great that you are brave enough to face that head on. (No pun intended, I promise!) You look great! :-)

  4. They are all beautiful, capturing a woman whose smile lights up a room and whose eyes are as blue as the Bay she loves ..

  5. I like 'em! What a good exercise. I think we are all our own worst critics - let's promise each other to be kinder to ourselves.

  6. Love are gorgeous and I 've told you that from the first day I met you! xoxo

  7. Oh, my gosh - these are fabulous. It takes a lot of guts to publish a selfie, as far as I'm concerned. You are an inspiration, frankly.