Monday, September 10, 2007

The Deadly Dinner Party

WARNING.. WARNING WARNING.. Sister Person.. skip over this ENTIRE post .. I don't want you upset.

Ok a great friend asked me today if I had ever played the dinner party game and if I had heard of it.
Of course I had but I just didn't know it by that name. The games goes like this.
Name ten people you would invite to a dinner party if you could either living or dead. There is no limit as to the who's.

I rattled them off very quickly then returned and changed it and then scratched some off and added a few more.
I am obviously not very good at this game. I had a horrible time limiting it to ten. So for the sake of my blog.. I am going to say 20. There is something very oddly sad about all of my choices with the exception of my grandparents and I still think I chose them originally out of obligation because 3 of them I believe they knew me as a grown woman and I showed them I loved them over their long lives.. One of them I would love to see and chat with but not at a dinner party it would be way to personal as I feel it would be with all of my grandparents so I have once again crossed them off of my list.

1. Marilyn Monroe - deceased- tragically- Choice one. I would ask her how exactly one wears fake eyelashes and how it feels not to have to be yourself any longer and have your entire life rewritten just so you can be a goddess. Oh and I would want to know why the hell she ever left Joe! I am not sure if I would ask her what happened the night she died. I don't think I want to know.

2. Jim Morrison -deceased- tragically- Can't tell you what I want him there for it isn't blog appropriate.

3. Sid Vicous- deceased- tragically- Can't tell you about him either.

4. Melanie- deceased-tragically- best friend from high school. I would ask her how we were so right about her but so wrong about me.

5. My Brother in Law- deceased- tragically- I am not sure I want to get into what I have to say to him. I will cry.

6. My other dad- deceased- tragically- it is tragic for any 18 year old to lose a father figure and even more tragic for an 18 year old to lose their father. I would want to tell him all about me and the sister person and show him how great she turned out. Not that he doesn't know.. I just want to see his smile and the pride in his eyes one more time.

7. Dale Earnhardt- deceased- tragically- I have no clue where he came from exactly other than he was part of my life growing up and the day he died I cried for hours and felt I had lost part of Sunday.

8. Humphery Bogart- deceased- not so tragic- I would ask him to call me Sweetheart all night. Although I am not sure I would have to ask.

9. James Dean- deceased- tragically- Not to be confused with Jimmy Dean the sausage dude. I would ask him to stand in the door err hmm LEAN in the door way all night looking at me with that look.. ooohhh the look.

10. Elvis- deceased- tragically- He was just a shoo in because he fit the bill- but I would ask him to sing Suspious Minds and You ain't nothng but a hounddog one more time.

11. John Belushi- deceased- tragically- I would ask him to do the Samurai Guy one more time and tell him that he didn't have to watch his language.

12. Kurt Cobain- deceased- tragiclaly- I wouldn't ask him to do or say anything. I just wanted him there.

13. John F Kennedy-deceased-tragically- again I don't think I would ask him anything I would just like to observe MM and JFK in the same room.

That was my list.. that was my dinner party. Not one living soul among them and only one who passed relatively peacefully.. if you can consider being 80 pounds with no esphogas and missing your lymph nodes peaceful.

I blame the sadness of my post on Katy and Monkling.. neither had chipper post today.



  1. Yes a little morbid but interesting. Oh I just thought of one but will not put it here for fear of who may read, but I want to know if size matters.......Just kidding!

  2. Go ahead. Blame me. Everyone always does. Everything's always my fault. The least you could do, though, is invite me to your dinner party. Oh, wait. I guess I need to croak first, eh? Nah, you need at least 1 live person. Invite Katy & you're up to 2 live ones.

  3. Could be. Did I mention next month I am going to Amish Country and staying in HOLMES county;-)
    I am so in an silly mood tonight.

  4. You think you're in a silly mood? Check out Post #3 on my blog if ya want to see silly.

  5. That was fantastically interesting. I'm not sure I could come up with that many people if I had to. And wow with all the men you can't talk about!

  6. Gosh, look what happens when I go away from the World of Blog for a couple of days. I'm completely out of the loop, Holmes! Get it? "Holmes" instead of "Homes/Homies"? Just to show that I GET who Katy would be inviting to her dinner party? I just...yeah, you have an interesting dinner party, Ann Marie. I'd like to be there, too, on one condition. If you're going to have Sid Vicious, I want Nancy to be there, too. According to Nancy's mother, in the book she wrote, having the two of them as houseguests of ANY kind was very...ummm...interesting!

    Is there a full moon? And I assume that you would also give smooches to those of us who are somewhere in between living and not so much? HAHA! Love ya, and it's so nice to come here and find new posts...COOL!

  7. I always play this game. It's Dinner For 12 and my people sometimes change depending on time of year, place of party etc.