Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wanna play guess which baby??

After you decide which one we are leaning towards.. tell me if you think she is a boy or a girl.. just curious what you think they look like.

I know I haven't been around.. Sorry. Just going through .. stuff.

Enjoy the guessing.. and let me just tell you that things aren't always as they seem.



  1. Oh mercy! TAKE BOTH!!!! How can you choose??? Besides, I always like to get things in twos, as it's always nice to have a spare--not that a spare is needed, it's just nice. One is obviously teeny-tinier than the other. The teeny-tinier one is the one with the completely black fact; while Brutus...hehehe..has the white stripe going up the face. You said that things aren't always as they seem, so that could mean that Brutus is really Brunehilde, and Teeny-Tinier is actually Brutus? Or the whole thing could just be you, psyching us out, and Brutus really is the boy and Teeny-Tinier really is the girl. Or maybe both girls. It makes no difference...TAKE BOTH!!!

    I've been needing that smooch! And I hope you like the many smooches I'm sending to you right now.

    TAKE BOTH...

  2. Make that completely black FACE. On Teeny-Tinier, I mean. Great typing on this end. :)

  3. Oh... oh... oh...

    You just made my day.


  4. I'm going with both being girls and you are wanting the one with the white on the forehead. I agree with Kim though, take both!

  5. SO?????? WHICH baby???? Please say BOTH!!!! :)