Sunday, April 20, 2008

No I might not ever post again.. Ever

Yea I know it has been FOREVER. I make no promises here so you can't hold me to the fact that I don't post weekly or monthly. Well you can't even hold me to the fact that I don't post at all. Ever.

Sometimes I just have nothing to say.. Sometimes I have so much to say I don't know where to start.

Today I will start with today. Today I weigh much more than I should. Today I woke up. Today I ache from going to the gym and really working hard. Today is the last day I eat off plan. Today I will finish reading a book I started yesterday. Today someone annoyed me by posting a comment on a blog I don't update but yet had actually gone to the entry page this morning to write something but got side tracked. Today my kids are going bowling. Today I will do at least 100 crunches and drink 128 oz of water.

Today I posted. Are you happy now?



  1. Today I am happy that I checked on you and you posted. Today I am going to go to a morning meeting, come home and nap...for a long time;-)

  2. Today, just for the halibut, I decided to check on you. Today I wondered who left you a comment that got you all riled. Today I checked out the last bunch of comments. Oh, I see! Today, I think that "smooch" is insincere. But I'll take it anway. BWAHAHAHA!

    About Not Posting Again. Ever. ? Noted.

    That is all.

  3. goodness me. where you chewing on nails when you wrote this. The hostility towards whomever is just pouring through.
    I'm taking a break from the gym today. I might go later in the day but I had to sleep in.

  4. Happy Mothers day! Hope yours was wonderful!