Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Friday.. a walk.. a ride.. and a number

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday and a smooch to ya. Holiday on Monday three day weekend WOOHOO!

I don't have food pictures. Well I do but it is just roast beef.. you don't really need to see roast beef do ya?

If ya do I will show ya.

But what I really want you to see is the tickers at the very bottom of the screen. The weight one is good.. it shows you how much I lost.. and yes how much my fat ass weighed when I stated this. And I working towards a goal some say is unrealistic.. but honestly I am not firmly set in that.. it is just a goal. It can be changed.

The other.. will not be changed that is my ultimate goal. I am walking and riding my way to 1000 miles. In the last month I have gone from a 4 mile bike ride to a 16. I have gone from walking a 20 minute mile and 3 miles to a 15 minute mile and walking 5. It clears my head.. it makes me feel so great.. The waterman thinks I go to far.. that I push to hard. But i will be a fabulous 40.. and not a FLABulous 40 LOL

Smooch to you guys..


  1. You are well into onederland now! Even though you are EATING now!

    Way to go!

  2. good for you on the exercise
    there is a site you can post your miles or steps to and do a virtual walk across the US.

  3. Great job! And seriously, after getting back from Switzerland us Americans are LAZY! They walk and bike everywhere. It's nothing to walk or bike to work, the store, the bar, anywhere.