Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My hands are puffy...

That is a good sign of water retention right? And honestly I did not get in all my water yesterday. I was concerned of drinking tons of water in a public place where the bathrooms of the times were... out houses.

Ok so the day started out like any other... (hear a tire screeching noise in your head right here ok?)

I know you are shocked right.. well in that cup is brewed Pike's Place which I have not decided if I like or not yet, a shot of SF Mocha and some heavy cream. It was good.

We then made our way over to Colonial Williamsburg.. it was such a pretty day. These pics we snapped right after getting there.

This is where we were.. SEEEEE.. I don't like that outfit as much in pictures as I did in the mirror.. sigh.

This is the daughter she did not want me to take this picture. I didn't want the one taken of me with the clip in the top of my head either but apparently she has one on her phone.

And this is yet another picture of me where I DO NOT smile. Don't ask me why.. I just don't.. I feel like I am smiling but on the outside I am not. No I am not Joan Rivers I can feel my face still but apparently I don't know what a smile feels like.

Oh and yes I do know I have 80's hair band hair. It just isn't AS big anymore. I can still make it look that way I just choose not to.

So then My BFF gets there and OFF we go..

First we went and bought these:

That is a three ring friendship ring the two hands open up to reveal a heart inside. We are going to try to get the hearts engraved by our local jewelers. Ya.. that way when they are together they say Ya Ya.

Oh whoops I actually forgot my FIRST purchase of the day. Some of you know that I collect Starbucks Coffee Cups.. well this was the days' real first purchase

Notice it is pink.. AND it was on sale for like $4! You never find Starbucks mugs for $4.

Ok back to the trip.. let's see next was lunch .. WARNING WILL ROGERS! YOU ARE ABOUT THE ENTER A FORCE FIELD OF FOOD.

I wanted this.. When I read the name of the dish...

It is a good thing I continued reading cause it was FULL of fruit. I would not have been happy with that choice when it made it to the table. So BFF's friend ordered it. We will call her Lucy.

There there was THIS little concoction.

I came VERY close to this one.. (hold the bread and onions please) Alas again.. I retreated. My BFF ended up with this one with the promise I got a bite of it.. I did and it was GOOD..

This one..

I had NO DESIRE for at ALL.. none zero zlitch. This was the daughters lunch. The french fries didn't even look good at the moment.

So I suppose you want to know what I ended it with right..

drum roll please

it was VERY VERY GOOD. I was pleased with my menu choice and even more pleased when the shrimp arrived at the table on top of the salad and you could see them. Sometimes you have to play hide and seek for them in your salad at certain places but not here.

Then all of a sudden out of the blue.. right out of the sky.. I mean ceiling.. THIS FELL ON OUR TABLE.. I do not know how it got there or when such things started falling right on tables unprompted but apparently at this place they do.

They say that the King of Arms Tavern is haunted ( you will see a pic of that place in a sec) but this is the Season's no mention of hauntings so imagine my surprise when some bread loving spirit possessed my body picked up the spoon and ate not one.. not two.. not three but like four or FIVE bites of this little piece of heaven on earth. Funny thing about about possessions.. you can still taste what they try to eat for you. That little cheat also prompted some one to say.. hey why don't you try for a carb friendly version. I am going to.. I have an idea.. and if it works out it will be turned over to Cleo to use. She deserves the credit for any recipe I happen to come up with cause she is a great inspiration to the Low Carb World of eating.

So after we sat that like little pigs for a bit..


Left to Right.. BFFs Friend, BFF, Daugther, ME! Yes I am smiling in this picture. Maybe I don't smile much cause I look like I got a grill going on.. I promise there is nothing fake in my mouth.. no silver or gold or titanium.. it is all just teeth.. they are just white.. almost fake white but no fake going on either. Strange isn't it.

Anyway back to the trip..

Theses are random pictures that were taken..

This one is the haunted tavern.. it was closed by the time we got there. Which stunk cause we wanted to look inside. But at least we got to look at the outside. I will be making a trip back to REALLY look at things soon. I spent most of the day talking.

Apparently we talked a little too much for the others tastes cause some how we ended up in these. The rest of our group threatened to leave us there. (FYI we did look around to ensure there were no small children around prior to the making of this shot. No small children, animals or elderly were injured from gasping at the "finger fly" in these pics)

Ok.. now let's look at some of the things I came home with.

I should have taken pics of the kids and my mothers gift but I didn't. The daughter got way not Colonial things.. a cell phone case and a Webkins dog. The oldest son got a flint stone and an Iron stricker (yes he is old enough to play with such things)The youngest son got a tin flute.. that much to my dismay he likes enough to keep tooting on.. SIGH.. I went to pick him up a few things at the store last night.. they didn't have the things he wanted so that was all he got. My mother got the best gift.. a bird bottle. I loved it.. but she kept the brat so I gave it to her. :)

Now here is a pic of some of the things I got for ME.

See the wooden spoon.. it was SOOOO CUTE I had to buy it. I put it beside a tablespoon so you could get a grasp of the size. The first picture made it look like the wooden spoon you would stir say.. a large pot of stew with. But this is tiny. It is the prefect Coffee Scoop spoon. Hince why I spent the extra money on this tiny little thing I normally would not have. It is something I will use every day.. some times twice and it has a feel good feel to it.. You just feel good when you touch it. The thing that looks like cake beside it.. it isn't cake.. it is cheese.. to die for cheese. I have the rest of it hidden in the fridge for a few special occasion. I don't know what that occasion is going to be yet. It could be the fact that I wake up tomorrow.

Ok.. then I bought this stuff.. some of it Colonial Some of it Not Colonial.

The soaps.. Colonial.. the Vitamins.. there for Christin's viewing (see I do listen) the other stuff.. random purchases.

What a day it was.. filled with FUN AND FRIENDS.. how the heck can you beat that!



  1. Great picture of you!

    I can't wait until you drop just a little more . . . I have LOADS of outfits for you. Not that I don't think you look fab! It's just I know you like to look pulled together and I have gerr-animal outfits!LHK

  2. Hey girl...you look wonderful. Thanks for posting the pics. You are doing great. I am proud of you and you are an inspiration to me.

  3. Sounds like you had a great day. You are really looking nice...keep up the good work.
    I'm looking forward to the sleeping puppy picture.

  4. This is such a fun blog!! I had a great time.. love and miss you bunches!!

    YA YA

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