Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Upside Down You're Turning Me.. (music note.. music note)

So thanks to a buddy I remembered a little picture I never used here.. My baby is now full grown and a whooping 7 lbs. To me she is huge. But back in the day when she was still a itty bitty little thing. I witnessed this one day while watching her sleep.

It started like this.. I noticed her head was kinda tucked in between the cushions a bit. Feet stuck up. I thought awwwww how cute.

But then.. minutes later.. the awwww how cute turned into THIS:

There are just no words to express the feelings I had that day. This was completely unprompted, unaided, and caused uncontrollable laughter. She stated that way for a very very long time.. just hanging out napping. She did not seem to mind that she was completely stuck until she woke up.. then she cried.. cause her feet wouldn't touch anything so she couldn't get out.

Ok.. enough about that. I am taking another exercise day off.. my body is not liking me today at all. My muscles just ache.. my tummy aches.. had a headache last night. I really need to invest in some pamprin or something of the like. Which actually it is a good day to feel like crap. The weather is crap. Major wind.. drizzly.. dreary.. gloomy.. not even getting to 70 today. So at least I feel ok about taking the day off.. it isn't like I am wasting a beautiful day or I am stuck in the house wanting out and it is nasty out. So I feel like mother nature was being my day off and I can listen to her every now and then.

So dinner last night.. it is going to look at A LOT like dinner tonight. (I have leftovers)

Let me tell you it was GOOD. and no that is not the same beef as the other night. I picked up a couple of Sirloins yesterday at the store and marinated them a bit then grilled away. The veggies.. were AWESOME.. I had tomatos, zucs, squash, mushrooms, pepper and onion in there. I will have that again tonight I am sure. I have those veggies in the fridge. I may add a little broccilli as a side as well. I am still debating the whole beef once a week thing.. that just seems stupid to me now for some reason. Very stupid. Thoughts?

So everyone have a GREAT DAY! oh and..



  1. debating the beef thing? once a week.

    I can only have fish once a week. Hate that. Dang mercury.

  2. What cute pictures....I love puppies.