Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy .....

Birthday Baby Boy! You thought I was going to say New Year didn't you.

17 years ago today I had my oldest son.. exactly 7 hours and 17 minutes ago. He was born at 0:00:00 between December 30 and 31.. 24 hours later and he would have been the first baby for 98 in the world. I actually was given the opportunity to pick which day he was born on because when the nurses entered it in the computer it would not give a date for that time and the Dr swore it was not a second before or after it was dead on. So.. given that little gem I picked the 31st because no matter how old he is or where he is.. there will ALWAYS be a party on his birthday. I am such a cool mom.


  1. Thats really COOL!!


  2. Very handsome young man. Seventeen is a fun age too.