Friday, August 28, 2009

Copycat in the making...

Ok that is a lie I am not in the making cause I actually already am by the time you read this. This morning as I looked through my photos wanting something to pop for me to blog about. I have done the sadness of graves twice this week even if half of mine are slightly funny so even though there were hundreds of them I passed straight by.

Then I had a GREAT idea and was going to do a fun Friday.. that was too much work.

I kept plowing through the multitudes of swimming images and finally saw this:

It lead me on my way and before I could blink twice I had copied these two lovely ladies Chesapeake Bay Woman and Daryl... but isn't Imitation the greatest form of flattery???

This picture was taking in Aldie, VA while giving instructions to cook Ravoli to a kid who was 200 miles away.

I wanted to open it just a tad and peek inside.

Why does this one seem so inviting to me.

On the way out..
Some doors aren't doors anymore... they are just ways.
Hanging on...


  1. Great shots!

    and mmmmmm Ravioli

  2. Your pictures are way better than mine...I might start copying you!

  3. Oh these are FABULOUS .. I am such a door lover .. copy away, I am hugely flattered .. and jealous .. you got a wealth of great old wood buildings and IMO they really are the best to shoot ..

  4. I love how you say some are not doors anymore, they are ways

    really lovely photos, I adore old beaten up places - they have character

    plus they make me feel younger

    I came by from Daryl's to tell you how wonderful I think Bink is, his eyes are so warm and soulful

    I stayed for the good art :)

    nice to meet ya

  5. I LOVE Daryl's Doors...and now I'm liking your doors, too. And I LOVE seeing Binky Baby over at Daryl's. FUN!