Monday, August 31, 2009

Dude... and not like Duuuuddddeee but like Dude.

Why are you laughing at me?? 1998

Today was supposed to be a post about a hawk but instead it is a very late birthday post for Dude the baby of the water people. Why so late.. cause I am a great mom like that.

Happy Birthday August 27th 2005
For 12 years this little person has been part of my life, oh pfffftt who am I kidding the kid has pretty much been my whole world and I his. As I look back over those years now there have been so many high spots and just as many low spots. I can only hope as his mother that I am doing the right thing in getting him through this rough rocky road called life, because as special as the kid is he did not come with a handbook either.
Out on the boat 2006
Out of the three waterkids he is the only one that actually looks anything like me, the other two not so much, I like to tell people that I kept trying until one finally showed some sort of resemblance to me and when they say "He doesn't look THAT much like you either." the reply simply is.. but he is weird like me so good enough.

November 2008 Christmas picture.

Six years ago in the first grade of school Dude was diagnosed with severe ADHD and we began working to control the symptoms enough to get him through school and activities. To say this diagnosis was shocking is putting it mildly because no one else in my family showed any such signs of not being able to sit still (comes back from getting spoon) or paying atten... LOOK AT THE KITTY!!!! Ok Ok.. it was me.. I did this to my child he resembles me in the brain area. To say this has been a rough road would be putting it mildly so I will not bore you with details of how we got to where we are today and how many teeth we had to pull to get here and what not, but six years ago his diagnosis was a bit off, and now today at the age of 12 we will be starting to learn new skills to deal with the trail ahead. Dude has Asperger's Syndrome and in case you can't say it like he couldn't... think of it like this Ass Burger and you got it. (I will not admit or deny actually telling that to my kid)

Asperger's is a mild for of Autism but this too... we will conquer.

Hanging with Mom August 2009 out taking pictures.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.


  1. Happy Birthday, Dude. You gotta pretty terrific set of parents no matter who you take after, make sure you make your mark on this world ... I have no doubt you will and it will be a good one ...

  2. Happy Birthday Dude

    he is a cutie, could you bottle his hair color?

  3. Happy birthday (belated) to Dude!

    And, he does look like you.

  4. Happy Birthday to Dude!! He is a mighty handsome young man. My oldest daughter has a PDD another form of Autism...through much therapy and modeling...she cheered for 5 years at high school and is now a graduate student studying molecular biology and virology at VCU in RVA. I think we all have a form of something that makes us unique.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Dude! We have many friends with Asperger's--I know you can do it! Hugs to the water family;)