Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My title in life is the Wife of a Waterman...

however... MANY days that is rather misleading. I mean it makes it sound as if I get up at 3 am and fix a large breakfast for a man who does nothing but grunt for his food and smell of rotten fish. That I tell ya is far from the truth... he doesn't stink... THAT bad.

Ok in all fairness I don't get up when he does either, he gets up way too early for me and the best I can do at that time of morning is grumble and pull the blanket over my head. Then about 3 hours after he has left the house and pulled in probably 70 pots already I stumble out of bed turn on the coffee pot and go to work myself (after a nasty commute down the hall in my jammies). So even though I am his wife.. I don't LIVE HIS LIFE... most of the time.

Saturday I did.. I got up and went out the door with him (leaving the poor little dog very confused as I was not in the bed with her) This is the first thing I saw...

I am not used to seeing my yard in early morning darkness... it is a strange feeling. Even stranger yet is what I saw next.

Who knew that crab pots on a dock could actually be pretty this time of morning... or that the sky could look like this...

The actually photo of this is much more amazing than this turned out on my blog... I can't figure out what the heck is up with bloggers colors but sometimes it does not do my photos justice.. sigh.

This cute guy is my favorite nephew... he got a bit worn out.

I did take a couple of artsy shots that I liked...

Throughout the morning we had a couple of visitors stop by and say hello...

Ultimately this is what we were here for...

Out of all of the shots of the day... I have to say these two are my favorite... I wonder why?


  1. Awwww. I think Binky should have been invited. Such a beautiful place you get to live in....

  2. OK, these are EXQUISITE. I'm so glad you went out with him. You need to document this hard work and these gorgeous scenes and this way of life which is fading away from here slowly.

    I just love these pictures. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful pictures. The dolphins made me sigh and wish I were back there again.

  4. Love the photos, and I can smell the Bay from the heart of DC, and I mean that in the fondest of ways.

    And those crabs? YUM!

  5. Love your pics! And the one of the crab pots in the early morning is awesome! I notice this morning when I was on the way to work that we are loosing morning daylight.

  6. Beautiful photos!! It wouldn't be so bad getting up that early in the summer, but I cannot imagine doing it in the winter! GAH!

    BTW - Are you guys planning to go to the Oyster Festival this year?

  7. I love the pictures! Particularly the last two as I could not help but notice that your Waterman goes through life with a bit of mischief in his eye. He has the look of a happy person!

    And someday Binky will love me just like my own little dogs do! *Har*!

  8. That looks like a wonderful day! Once a year kind of wonderful day, but a wonderful day! And, yes, the last two pic are the best! Miss you guys.

  9. I would be afraid of that sly grin, but methinks he has met his match in Ann Marie. : )

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing your world with all of us far-away types.