Thursday, November 12, 2009

So you wanna see...

this is my yard... over an hour ago... before the tide actually came in.... it isn't pretty now at all.. not at all.

And then it got worse.... these were roughly 30 to 45 minutes prior to high tide...


  1. OMG! Be careful! Come here if you need too! They closed the schools early here today because of this mess!

  2. Just be careful. if at any time you need a place to stay come here, although we're hardly any better. this is just as bad as isabel as far as i'm concerned. if there's anything left in the yard tomorrow it'll be a miracle. the hammock snapped off the tree from the wind and my patio tabletop glass is shattered. stuff is flying everywhere and you wouldn't believe the stuff floating down the creek - or perhaps you would. so far i haven't seen any families floating by though.

    stay dry and warm. sleep with a life preserver under your pillow - or maybe use it as a pillow.

  3. Higher ground, Miss Ann Marie -- higher ground! Be safe and make that man come inside where it's safe.

    Thinking of all of you,


  4. Oh no!! You and CBW stay safe! It's still raining here, but at least I don't have to deal with the tides...

    Praying for dryer weather soon!

  5. Oh that can't be good! Dad lives behind Mrs. Trusch's house and my brother lives over by the old chicken coops. I'm sure they're getting it just as bad as you!!! Be Careful!

  6. Poor little Binky!!! She looks like she is saying a curse word or two!!!

    Hope you guys made it through the night alright. You're welcome to come to K&Q if you need to drink wine and pretend your yard isn't floating away;)

  7. Stay safe my friend! Higher ground is a very good thing!

  8. Goodness, that's some Nor'easter y'all had! Seems more like a hurricane to me.

    Glad you weathered the storm and emerged with your sense of humor intact.

  9. Wow! I'm glad y'all are okay! Poor Binky looks all confused!