Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Song I sing...

One little Two Little Three Topless Mittens... Four little Five little Six Topless Mittens...

I can't imagine why I have this song stuck in my head... but I can promise you I have been singing it in correlation with another lovely little ditty... 100 bottles of wine on the wall there were a 100 bottles of wine.... (I can't promise what the topless mittens will look like)

Four Pair down.... how many more to go??

Have I mentioned I can not WAIT until this weekend.


  1. I am making my weekend list and checking it twice! See ya soon!
    So you sing too??? You Matty girls have all the talent!

  2. 100 bottles is tough, but somebody's gotta do it.

  3. Sorry to let you down. I think we only drank 99 of those bottles.

  4. I think it was 99 1/2. I have told everyone who has ears about our wonderful time at your house. Wonderful!

  5. Well the Blogfesters, West Coast Coast Chapter can count our empties and help the total, right? I have one, maybe two empties to add, putting you over the top.

    Glad to hear you had fun, and not at all surprised. : )

  6. 100 bottles of wine on the wall, but do not ever have 4. It's too many or too few. It's just not the right number.