Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November is about Thanksgiving right..

and I am so thankful that these people were in my life, thankful for every moment that was ever given to me to enjoy them and what they had to give. I miss them all incredibly... but especially this month.

Roland I can't even begin to tell you how much this family misses you.
Happy Birthday Brother in Law.

Dad... what can I say..
Both of us has all we need
Sky of blue and Sea of Green
In our Yellow Submarine.
thank you for everything you taught me and that sister of mine.
We love you.

Memo.. even though we miss you every day this time of year it never fails to show how much we all miss you. Thanksgiving and Christmas have never been the same.

Mel Moo.. I wish there had been more time, more laughs, more late nights, but there aren't so I will cherish all that we did have. Ann Re

Pansy Boy.. you are still making me cry after all these years. There just never was a box big enough was there?

ugly hand made smock with the big wooden button. I am glad you are gone.


  1. I think Dad forgot to teach me how to listen. :-) Beautiful post Re.

    And we do have everything we need. We just have too much of some stuff that we don't need.


  2. OK, the smock isn't all THAT bad... it was probably the height of fashion when the photo was taken!

    Lovely post.

  3. I'll trade you a multi-colored crocheted poncho for that smock;)

  4. What a wonderful post...and you are still a beauty! I like the dress....

  5. What a lovely post and I do not understand how I have missed this and the other .. my damn blog list isnt working right .. GAH

    The Aunt passed this February and nothings been the same .. especially November .. she didnt like the month at all because one of her brothers and her parents passed all in the same week (years apart but still) ..

  6. What a lovely lovely tribute. Bittersweet this life, bittersweet.