Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Begging is not beneath me ya know.

Hey there.. Hi there.. Ho there.. (heheheheh I just said Ho)

Yes yes it has been awhile.. again. I know you aren't surprised by now that I just can't seem to hold it together long enough to breath much less post but I am still out here lurking and doing my best to live. Cause that is what it is all about right.. living while we have the time and the chance.

I personally don't want to look back after I leave this place and think to myself CRAP!!!! I meant to __________. I want all the __________s filled in with completely amazing and insane stuff. So I am working on it. I won't be holding back hugs or slugs anymore (the balled up fist kind not the kind that she finds in her shower) you are going to get exactly what I think you deserve out of me. Too many times in my life I have wished I had done something to stand up for someone or to put someone in their place or just let my voice be heard and I didn't do it. I stood back in the corner or the shadow and just watched. I don't want to be the fat girl in the shadows anymore. It is time to step up to the plate and take a stand for the things I believe in, and believe it or not one of those things that I do believe in is me.

There is another thing I believe in as well.. I believe with all my heart that CANCER SUCKS.

There just is not another way to put it, I have lost loved ones young and old. I have watched friends fight and struggle to beat the nasty disease out of their body. I have cried when I had to let go of a hand that loved me as this dreadful thing yanked them away. I have smiled at memories that I wish could have been just a tiny bit sweeter if cancer had not taken someone special away. I think we all have.

On Friday I will be getting up extra early and heading out the door to support my best friend as she goes into surgery to have cancer removed from her body for the second time in a year. I will stand by her as she goes through this process and fights for her life again, but at the end of the day I will kiss her check and tell her that I love her and I will come home to rest because on Saturday from noon until midnight I will be at Mathews High School taking a stand against what is holding my lovely friend down.

So I do suppose you could say that my first slug will be thrown in the direction of cancer. Now here is where the beggin comes in (if you keep reading you will also see I am not above bribery) Please Please if you have a couple extra dollars in change floating around the bottom of your purse, or found $20 bucks in your jacket you forgot you had, or even if you found 63 cent while digging around your sofa cushions of that piece of pizza you hid from the kids (i wonder where that 63 cent really came from... hmmm), let it go for a good cause.

I am asking that you sponsor me in Saturday's Relay for Life Event so that one day in the future a daughter, a niece, a friend, a granddaughter, a wife, a sister, a brother, a husband, a mother, a father does not have to let go of that hand as cancer takes a piece of their heart. Please CLICK here and make a donation, your thoughtfulness will not be forgotten and it will be appreciated by so many.

Mathews Relay for Life events will be held on Saturday May 22nd from noon until midnight, please come out and show your support, have a brownie or two, and bring bandaids for the blisters.

Oh and one last little thing.... for you wonderful Blisters out there... the ones of you that donate I will make you extra deviled eggs during blogfest.. hehehehe told ya I was not above bribery.


  1. Donating now...I just did a 1/2 marathon to raise money in memory of my mother. I HATE cancer. You go girl!!!

  2. Donating but I am not sure what group I am supposed to make it for

  3. You Rock Re! I've made my donation.I am proud of you and I want my deviled eggs! I HATE cancer too!

  4. Thanks for fighting for us, Re! I still don't know what the cancer will end up doing to me, or how soon, but I can't let it stop me!

  5. I like it!!!

    Kathy Gwyn

  6. I want a cheese plate please. I will come with bandaids for you!

  7. I will do just about anything for extra deviled eggs.

  8. See you Friday & if able I may come walk a few laps with you on Saturday!

  9. I can't find my wallet in my car...but I remembered all the numbers have to do that when you are a disorganized mess like donation in. My mom had surgery the week before my wedding...radiation starting soon. Cancer sucks...lost my first friend to breast cancer as a grad student, have a friend in hospice care now and another doing chemo. Thanks for walking, girl!!!

  10. I lost my Mom to devasting cancer and countless friends, young and old alike. The American Cancer Society is my favorite charity and I have done years of volunteer work. THANK YOU for also taking a stand!