Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Post 200 and a special request...NAME THIS TEAM!!!

200 posts.. that means 200 rambling entries by me. I am sorry if you endured all of them :)

It only took a bit over 3 years to get there sometimes blogging daily sometimes blogging bi monthly, but we made it. Now the next goal is to raise some cash.. aww come on you didn't think you could keep coming here for FREE did you???

It is for a really great cause, you know the one, the same one those sexy ladies strutted their stuff the other night in front of a room full laughing adults and traumatized children. It is for the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, constant fight against cancer. Relay for Life.

After the other night and witnessing what those men... ladies.. men.. oh whatever.. did for every survivor, fighter or tragic loss from this horrible disease, I could not help but think to myself .. you idiot why are you sitting on your rear end doing nothing!!!! I have in the past participated in the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure events that focused solely on breast cancer, I do not recall ever participating in a Relay for Life event and I seriously don't know why. Fear maybe.

Now it is time to put that fear aside and tie on my tennis shoes and let my big mouth do some good, I have decided to start a Relay for Life team, I know that it is late in the "season" to do such a thing. I know my team may not be full at the 15 full participants. I know that my team may not raise the most money or have anything to raffle off or have any talent contests or car shows. HOWEVER. I do know that my team will have heart and soul and we will do the best we can in the few short weeks we have to raise money.

UPDATE!!!! we have decided to JOIN an existing team that both myself and my fellow blogger CBW have been asked to join... so disregard the other yammering below.. well read it just disregard until September when we have our own Blog Team!!!!

The question is ... what the heck is our name???? I suppose I could come up with something on my own but that doesn't seem entirely fair. I know of three of my fellow Blisters who have already agreed to join me and considering it IS a Relay I think we can incorporate Blister in there some where some how.
Blister's for the Cure?

I thought that was kinda cute (sorry sis.. I am sure that is sounding a lot like Crisp's for the Cure but what can I say except sorry)

Leave your team name thoughts in the comments section .. one will be chosen by tonight.

I am sure it is no surprise to you that I have lost loved ones to this horrible disease, I am not sure that there is anyone around who hasn't, and while my love for them will never die and I will miss each of them for the remainder of my time here and while I will walk this event with their name on my shirt or arm or leg or wherever I can find a free space to write as a walking talking living memorial to them, I am not walking this walk just for those who have been lost.

I walk this walk for my best friend, my Daddy and an old long time childhood friend all of who are currently living with the disease in different shapes, forms, and degrees. For them I walk this Relay.

So please join me on my team (yet to be named but will be by tonight and will be up on the Relay website) or donate a dollar or ten or twenty to the effort of stomping out this horrible thing called cancer. Even if you go to the Relay for Life site and donate to another team.. please help.

If you would like to join me or donate please comment, email me (amhaywood@wildblue.net), give me a call 804 725 1599, text me 804 854 1753, or send a carrier pigeon.

Thank you to all in advance..
Now please.. NAME THIS TEAM!!!!!


  1. I will join you, and I say go with Blisters :-). The boat of my childhood which I helped name: The Happy Frog, My screen name: Fighting Mermaid, the name of my farm before my ex-husband very nicely decided I should change it: Dirty Girl Cherry Farm (I planted 100 Cherry trees which the deers ate)...so nuff said about names...you don't want me to name anything.

  2. PRETEE BLISTERS.... ;) I will call you later this afternoon to talk about this awesome adventure you are undertaking! I am very proud! Love You!

  3. so what team did you join? or is it a secret?

  4. congrats for the new team!
    keep up the good mood :D

  5. Anything with Blisters! So we will have our own team in Sept?

  6. Gotta include Blister in the title!