Monday, May 3, 2010

For a Good Cause... Relay for Life... Mathews

While I have been a bit of a slacker lately when it comes to blog posting, today it is for a good cause. Well actually "causes" here are a few of them.

1. Cause if I don't share this with you it will be a tragedy.
2. Cause I had to witness this first hand and I am now traumatized.
3. Cause it really was for a good cause.
4. Cause cancer just plain sucks.
5. Cause I would say it is safe to say that all of us have lost a loved one to this disease in our life.
6. Cause I have friends and family would are fighting as I type this to beat this ugly thing.
7. Cause I am trying to find a team to join to be part of this thing.. better late than never RIGHT?

Let's talk about number 7 for a moment. While my family to some degree has a team in place they are full so I have reached out to a friend to see if they need any help on their team, so I will just go from there, I am sure there is a team somewhere who is in need of someone to walk around the track and raise a dime or two to beat this thing.

Anyhooooo having said that if you want to help support myself and whatever team I happen to land on squash this thing just let me know there are a lot of ways to contact me.

Home Phone: 804-725-1599
Comments on the blog
Or Post office.. PO Box 87, Port Haywood, VA 23138

And seriously if I don't get on a team.. why can't I start my own I have enough sister people, and friends, blisters and relatives that we can make it work some how.. I think.

And without further ado... your traumatization for the day...

The Ladies and I use the term LOOSELY
Ms. Not Quite Good Enough
I so wanted to take her to a hootenanny!

I think this pic says it all

Mathews meets NFL meets I am so not sure...


Why is he.. I mean she I mean he prettier than ME????

Umm he is loving those boots a TAD too much.

Awww.. how cute piggy tails !

Got to hand it to a lady who loses her hair and can still smile.

There is just nothing I can say except NAIR NEAL NAIR!!!!!!


  1. Truly an event for the AGES! Lord, how I miss that I could not be there in person! I am sure people laughed till they cried. And, as somebody who is battling cancer, I just wanna say "Thank You" It takes a big man to put on a dress!!
    And thank you, Re, for the great photos and breat captions!

  2. Re, I love that you are so passionate about wanting to walk, ask mom if our team is full, we are walking next weekend here in PA if you want to join us!! :) Love the pic of Neal (NAIR), too funny, Momma G must be sooo proud!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Chell

  3. If you end up forming your own team, let me know and I will join you. I too have family and friends fighting this battle. And WOW, those pictures are soooo funny!!!!

  4. Amazing ... as a cancer survivor I applaud every effort anyone makes ... those guys deserve a lot of praise for prancing on stage to help raise money for this most horrendous disease .. so who won? How much did they raise?

  5. Great Post Re! What a hoot we all had! Is it wrong to have so much fun...ALL THE TIME!
    Count me in if you get a team up! My post will be up shortly!

  6. All of the pictures are hysterical but I just love Bud's pigtails!!!

  7. I believe that CBW will be hiring you as her makeup artist when she hits the road with her new reality show, "Pageants - They're Not Just for Women Anymore"!!!!!! Bwahaha!!

    Post up.


    Thanks for your support, where support = I don't know nuthin' about birthin' no women who are really men. Your makeup skillz were crazy good.

    Sign me up for your team, just as long as I am not in charge of the makeup.

  9. If anyone wants to join a team please call me. Kathy Gwyn 757-725-2257 or my home number 804-725-7252. I have a new team 1st year in.. In It To End It.. Next event is a car show on May 22nd same day as the Mathews Relay. @ MHS.

  10. I bet the laughs were loud and long!

  11. where is the flip video????