Monday, August 2, 2010

I am...

back here and not there which makes my head spin and hurt really badly.

I want to give a big old birthday shout out to my favorite sister person in the world! Miss Phyllis Marsh who turned 29 yesterday! It seems weird to me that we will be celebrating our 30th birthday's next year around this time. I was talking to a wonderful woman yesterday, the owner of The Mystic Jewel, (by the way the store turned 19 on my sister person's 29th.. how cool is that!!) and she made the comment to me that she remembered when her mother was at ____ age and how she felt like she was a mom and old. I remember that feeling, I still have that feeling. I have a theory.. anything older than 20 years old that you are at any given time in life is OLD.. when you get there it isn't so much anymore.


I am rambling.. badly.. I will stop now and say happy birthday Sister Person, I hope I get back there to you before I miss you too terribly bad.. cause I already miss you!!!!



  1. I have to agree with you about the over 20 thing. Kids who drive and can drink at a bar look like babies to me. That for sure is a sign I am getting OLD.

  2. I am still 16 ...

    Wish The Sister Person a very happy 29th!

  3. Happy Birthday to The Sister Person, and Re, if it helps to know that I'll always be older than you, well, there you go. : )

  4. Happy Birthday to the youngster. 29? That's practically a newborn.