Friday, July 30, 2010

MURDER at Whalehead...

View of the Whalehead Club from Currituck Lighthouse

While I have been on my vacation that is not a VACATION but is a vacation I had the pleasure of having a book plopped in my lap with the exclamation of "YOU MUST READ THIS!!!"

My first thought was "Where the hell is Whalehead?" I seriously had never heard of it at all but figured what the hell why not. As I dove into the pages of the book by Joe C. Ellis I had mental images pop up of the way things were supposed to look.

Last night I finished the book and am happy to say I knew whodounit from chapter one. I have talent like that. However, lets back the train up just a tad, to where I said I don't know where Whalehead is.. I do now. Whalehead is the Whalehead Club located right here in Corolla beside the Currituck Lighthouse that I featured in photos yesterday of that little climbing adventure. What I did not tell you was that after Drake stopped threatening to kill me shaking due to the incredible heights I made him climb to, we continued on our little afternoon fieldtrip and decided to check out the tour of the Whalehead Club. It was amazing but, you can not take photos inside the building, so let me just tell you it was worth every moment. Stepping back in time AND living out the pages of the book that I was so engrossed in, it was just WONDERFUL!

Here are a few photos that were taken during our tour in legal photo taking places.

I love it when houses look like they have faces, this one has a long nose and vampire teeth
(i will now stop smoking the doobie and get on with my post)

Loved loved loved the windows... I could just imagine living there 80 years ago and waking in the morning to the beautiful view of the sound. Those windows you see were the bedrooms on the second floor.
"Kenny Queen" I actually ran into a character from the book while at the Whalehead.... seriously READ THE BOOK.

Drake said that this was part of the Mystery and that we needed the Mystery Van to figure this out.. I am sure Phyl will not be so pleased to hear that.

On a side note.. my mental images matched up perfectly to what really stood in front of me while I was touring ... I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS...


  1. Love love love this place long before you could go in.....the kids and I were going to do the mystery tour but it rained that night!!!!

  2. Love the face. Love mystery. Love the post.

  3. Finally. I knew something you didn't. This doesn't happen often, usually you are the one telling me something I don't know.

    I've stayed at Whalehead a couple of times in past lives but have never taken the time to tour the club place. I'll be down there in august and will have to check it out.

    Now we return to where you know more than I do. Is that the same mystery van that Scooby and Shaggy and Velma and Daphne and that surfer dude rode around in? That was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons, and the VHS videos later on were my daughter's favorites.

  4. We spent a morning on the grounds there, crabbing. It was really fun! We didn't go into the club but did to in the museum-y place, and that was very cool, too.

  5. I'm gonna call you and Drake The Meddling Kids from now on. : )