Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tis' Thursday...

and I got nothing.

Well I got the fact that I totally forgot someone's birthday today and I am trying to cover for that blunder (I think it was a case of physiological revenge... or maybe it was just me being physco.. either way)

I got the fact that I made coffee this morning and returned to my computer while it was brewing to read HER blog. Only to go running shuffling to the pot with my eyes half closed to discover I had made a pot of hot water. I am serious about the fact I need to pre-game coffee making.

I got the fact that tomorrow I am going to meet my Ya Ya with both of our college boys for DINNER even though both of our boys thought I said BREAKFAST... must check with Ya Ya to make sure she knew dinner.. Who goes to the Crack Bar for Breakfast.. (apparently lots of people btw)

I got the fact that I have fallen in love and not with a person... with an area.. and that area ain't here, but I will give you a clue because these lovilies live there and I can't wait to go back and see them again.

So I suppose the point is if I disappear and you just don't have a clue where to look.. go talk to the Wild Horses they may have a clue.


  1. Happy Birthday to the person whose birthday you almost forgot but didn't really because the day's only just begun and you have all day to wish them well.

    I"m exhausted after writing that.

    Love the horses and hope to see them up close and personal here in a few weeks.

  2. Oh ... I would love to see those horses up close .. great shots, Re, and blame the post office for missing the birthday .. hell, if whoever this is isnt happy with a hug and Happy Birthday .. well tough nooggies

  3. You still have some time to make birthday amends...;) And, I am coming to see you and your equine buddies.

  4. Other than wind-blown sand in their eyes, those ponies look like they have nice lives, huh? They're sure FAT! Who am I to talk . . .

  5. Where ever this is - I wanna go too!!!