Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am just stopping by

to let all of you know that I HATE school. Seriously.

While I know it is essential for my children's future does it HAVE to be so damn difficult on ME. I have already been through school (while it took my poor sister everything in her to drag me through it I did do it) and I do NOT recall my mother at 16 having to ask me if I had my shoes for gym, only to turn around to ask me if I had my shoes for cheer and have BOTH answers be NO.

I may be stupid or just a bit insane but by NOW I thought that I would not have to keep up with each and every little article of clothing, homework, or assignment for these teenagers. Apparently I was dead wrong. Not to mention I didn't think I would have to say.. "go take off all that crap off your eyes you look like Flo from Mel's Diner" (of course the reply to that was a blue eyeshadowed covered blank stare).

So as of yesterday the lazy summer life as I knew it has ended and my morning time has been invaded with things like spilled juice that someone watches just run on to the floor (seriously didn't even TRY to use the towel that was sitting on the table to stop it... watched it run by the towel onto the floor), someone screaming "SHUT UP" at the top of their lungs to which my reply was "NO YOU!!".. yes I know soooo mature, then having to get up 3 TIMES during the night to tell the youngest one to "PLEASE go to bed" the last time was 2 am.. I then gave up. I have not yet figured out how exactly I am going to make it through the next 178 mornings of this, I will be COMPLETE INSANE by the end of the first month.

In reality I need advice, I have never claimed to be mother of the year material but this seems to be just a bit insane, how do you get your kids to take responsibility for themselves and their work? How do you get them to set the clock for the time to get up and NOT the time the bus comes (seriously punk girl has her clock set for 10 minutes before the bus gets here but wont set it for the time she has to get up, this is so that if she goes back to sleep after getting ready she won't miss the bus)? How do you get them to ensure they have their "things" they need for sports or school ready the night before not 2 minutes before the bus comes when Mom asks.. do you have ______ and the answer is no. How do you get them to give a rats ass that their breath smells like a rats ass because they haven't brushed their teeth until Mom says.. BRUSH YOUR NASTY ASS TEETH.

I have to stop whining now because it is 2 minutes before the bus gets here and BOTH OF THEM ARE ASLEEP!!!!!

I am at the end of my rope... I didn't sign up for this.


  1. Honey, we need to drink... I feel your pain, seriously. With my teenage demon, I've begun letting her suffer the consequences of not being prepared. I give her a reminder before leaving, and that's it. If she doesn't have something, she's SOL and it's on her. Good luck! and save a spot in the padded room for me, oh, and Kiss my Grits!

  2. I'm in agreement. A reminder the night before and maybe even be nice enough (gag) to leave a post it note where she can see it. Then maybe go for a walk when it's time for her to get up LOL

  3. My girl is 14. I ask her the night BEFORE if she has "x, y & z" for school tomorrow. If she says yep, done deal. Nope gets the reminder and then the consequences are hers to deal with at school the next day.

    As for the bus. Well, push all the clocks in the house forward by 5/10 mins (works - it's what I do) and then let the chips fall. don't provide her with the excuses when she goes in late. I guarantee you that she will be threatened with being dropped from her extra circulars after to many unexcused absences (with a call from mom to the coach explaining what is going on and can you please help me).

    And then there is always my favs…..losing the phone (except when YOU need her to have it), the computer (except for school work), the Wii/Play Station and anything else that strikes your fancy and yes, I proudly carry the title BIG BITCH of a mom - I consider it a sign of honor! lol!

  4. No kids, thank the gods, but I do agree with Jamie. Maybe they need to learn the hard way.

    And tell Ms D that with her gorgeous eyes she doesnt need blue shadow, blue shadow is so gross ...

  5. great advice T! Sister Person, the reason we didn't have it was because our parents didn't take responsibility for our stuff. We were in the band, forget our instrument, you sat there. Back off. Enforce the night before getting everything ready. Until Halloween, you will remind them in the evening. Everything sitting beside the door.
    At 9 every night, all computers and video games, etc come to you. they go to their rooms. No nothing. No ipods, nothing. At 9:30 lights out. Period. We didn't stay up past 10, remember? it didn't matter if we stared at the ceiling but we were quiet.
    Line up the cereal, do one wake up and go for a nice walk. If they miss the bus, they pay you for a ride. No money, no ride, no written note.
    If we weren't ready, Mom didn't wait. Period.
    Good luck and stop acting like I did to you in school!!!!!

  6. As hard as it is to witness, letting them fall on their butts a few times will work wonders! You cannot possibly do it all...


  7. As a teacher, I say: please, please, please, let them fail and learn the hard way. Don't become a helicopter parent who takes on their responsibility. As long as you are loving, kind, and compassionate in the face of their failure, they will turn out alright.

  8. The hardest thing I ever had to to was not bring a book to my forgetful freshman son. I think I cried all day for him. He never forgot anything again.

  9. I feel your pain. I HATE when school starts. The whole tone of our house changes once again. My two are ADD so getting out of the house in the morning has long been the bane of my existence. Elem. school not as bad since it was later, but once they started having be at the bus stop at 7 am we had to make some changes. It has come to the point that I remind them the night before to get their things ready. I had to start a discipline system, esp with my son who needed mucho motivation to get out of bed. I have to call him more than twice, and his feet or not on the floor by 6:40 - NO privileges after school. Period. No negotiating. No compromise. You would be amazed how motivated he became! This year I am noticing a big change in the ease of the morning.If they were younger I would say a reward system, but teenagers seem to respond to consequences much more. Good luck!
    Been reading your blog awhile, just don't post! Hooked up from Kate's blog!

  10. PS - If they miss the bus and I have to drive them , they know full well that life after school will NOT be pleasant....I also refuse after the first two or three weeks of school to bring anything forgotten. They did learn quickly that since I work part-time I am not just hanging at home to respond to their every whim. It is hard to let them take the consequence from the teacher, but I can't help that.

  11. I am doing this right now with my 13 year old. I am letting him stumble and suffer the consequences. It is difficult to watch the train wreck, but I don't know that he knows any other way.