Tuesday, October 2, 2007

And the Pick is..

I haven't decided yet.

That was mean wasn't it. I am leaning towards the baby with the little white racing stripe on her head. She is cute. She reminds me of the one I loved before. But there is a size component as well. I won't see the true sizes until next week. Monday to be exact.

I am a little down today. Ok a lot down. So this is going to be short.

I wish I could take them both, heck I wish I could take all three but my husband would never let me spend over a grand on dogs.



  1. My beloved border collie who died a year and a half ago (and it still hurts!) had the white stripe, so that's my vote. I've got a super soft spot for white stripes now. SO sorry about Binky!

  2. Yep that would be a little too much to spend on a pet....but they are such cute little things.
    I hope you aren't still feeling down.....

  3. I miss you Ann Marie. Maybe we could start a business, Down-R-Us. Maybe we could sell new furry babies because, after all, what's a better cheerer-upper...

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  5. I KNEW my smoochES would get to you! I'm so glad you commented, sweetie! Post in your own time, my friend...we're here, whenever!