Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I had my ankles bit..

Thanks to one of you! I am not sure what was going on but Binky Too came running up to me bit my ankle and drug me to the lap top, then I noticed that some one HAD her drag me here!

Ok we are doing good. I have just be very very busy! Work has been chaotic and on top of that my lap top (work) fried so I was without for almost a week.

I have painted my bedroom and purchased the most glorious new bed, the husband isn't liking it all that much. Says he was used to the lumps and bumps and spring sticking out of the old one. That is what did it for me when the spring sprung I felt like I was living in a cartoon! So I found a WONDERFUL buy this weekend saved myself a grand! So because I save the grand I spent a quarter of it on 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and 4 new king size pillows that are fluffy little bits of heaven!

Binky Too is doing wonderful.. other than she is not potty training as well as I had hoped. I have yet to figure this all out.

Anyway big smoochies to all of you.. even the one who had my ankles chomped!


  1. Hehehehe...Good Girl, BinkyBaby2!!! Although I never told you to bite her ankle. But it worked, so...Good Girl!

    Hey you! Your new bed sounds wonderful...and the sheets and new pillows? Yeah, baby! I LOVE good sheets. Now we'll just hope Mr. Waterman adjusts to the new-ness of the bed quickly :)!

    As for Her Royal Binky Too--she has been too busy following directions coming in from out-of-state to concentrate on being a good potty-goer. She will do better now. HAHAHA!


  2. I hope you get that little potty problem fixed soon...;-)
    I guess we now have a helper to make you update.

  3. Awww, c'mon!!!! NO SMOOCHIES? I mean, really...what difference does it make now, if we ALL have the crud? HAHAHA!

    Doesn't this just seriously BITE? I am heartened today, though, because I feel sooo much better than yesterday. I am going to stay in and take care of myself both today and tomorrow and plan to be back in the saddle on Wednesday. How about you?

    Here is a SMOOCH waiting for you, whenever you want it:)!

  4. Whats a few smooch germs between friends?
    If you aren't careful kim will sneak over there and paint kibble flavored perfume on your ankles to keep you updating.

  5. Ok it has been 21DAYS since you have updated. Some of us need to know whats going on in the Queen of smoochies world.... we miss you.

  6. Okay, AM, if you're out there somewhere, Happy Thanksgiving. You're one of the people I'm thankful for, but also one that I've been missing a lot lately.

    Big huge Thanksgiving smoochie...

  7. "What would it take to get Ann Marie to write something, anything," she wonders. "Getting Her Royal Binkness Two to bite her ankles worked, but just for a short while and we need something a little more permanent, she things to herself. "BUT, WHAT WOULD IT TAKE...," she ponders.

    In a fit of enlightenment, she chuckles to herself. "Hey, Pretty Girl--come here, BinkyBaby2," she whispers. "GO BITE MOMMY'S BOOBIE AND LEAD HER TO THE COMPUTER, SWEETIE!" BinkyBaby2 lets out a tiny baby puppy chuckle, a la Chumley the Dog, hehehe. "Wait, Binky 2," she calls after the retreating pup. "If that doesn't work, BITE HER IN THE ASS! Okay?" Another little chuckle and the tiniest of "yes" head nods.

    Binky Too is such a good, intuitive little girl that she knows Mommy's friends NEED to hear she's okay and are willing to go to drastic measures...

    The End. :)