Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a newer picture

The days are getting close now! I am getting more nervous more excited more restless.

One of my best friends is pregnant.. due any day. (I am secretly hoping that Friday is her day) Wouldn't that be fun!

Oh and the waterman is leaning towards Pinky.. I am not all that thrilled about that one, but it is his job.


  1. Pinky Toscadero? YES. Pinky (just Pinky)? NO. Hehehehe. I'm still calling her Julie. I'm just sayin'...

  2. Kim D, I was thinking the same thing. Or worse, that's what a friend called her **ahem** female parts.

  3. HEHEHE...that's it, I'm stealin' Pinky (for when I have an occasion to speak about my female parts). Which is an even bigger HAHAHA! But I digress...

    Tomorrow is the day, AM!!!! I'm excited for you, and hope there will be homecoming pictures, and I'm sure whatever name Mr. Waterman comes up with will be great--as long as it's not Pinky. Cause if it is, now I'm DEFINITELY still gonna call her Julie. :)