Friday, October 12, 2007

What's in a Name??


Ok for those of you wondering... THIS..

does not have a name. It will not have a name until next Friday when I bring her home and the waterman looks at her. He is the namer around these parts. So in the mean time THIS is being called Julibinkhead. Which is very similar to the new Verizon commercials where people need phones that work in Carivirgizona. Ohhh that could be it's name Calivergizona... Zoni for short. That would look neat on her papers!

Seriously I just call her meat mouth. That is potted meat all over her lips :)



  1. YES, YES, YES! Julibinkhead!!!! Because I JUST KNOW where the "Juli" part of that comes from--YEAH, BABY!!!! You can still call her Zoni if you want, because to me she will always be Julie. Hehehe. SHE'S SO PRETTY! And I just can't wait until she gets home where she belongs.

    Pre-weekend smooch....

  2. So cute. Go look at my blog at what someone left.......
    I hope you are feeling better...we miss your smooches.

  3. Actually someone left 3 of those but that is the only one that I could find tonight. There is a dog running around that has had puppies lately and she definately isn't boxer...more coon dog but I'm not sure these are hers because I thought her puppies would be younger.

  4. She looks like a mischievous little Jezebel to me. Yep, she'll have you all wrapped around her little paw in no time.