Monday, December 29, 2008

Days go by...

(that song is so stuck in my head but that is the only piece I remember so hang tight a second)

And days go by...
I can feel 'em flyin'
Like a hand out the window in the wind.
The cars go by...
Yeah it's all we've been given,
So you better start livin' right now
'Cause days go by...
Oh and a woo-hoo...

Ok that is better.. I like that little woo-hoo at the end. In case some of you don't know I happen to dabble in photography a bit. I doubt I will ever have the eye that these wonderful ladies do...

Chesapeake Bay Woman


The Pioneer Woman

but I still enjoy it so bare with me .. k?

I took on a task a couple of months ago of turning my cousins slides into digital images, you know updating technology from the 60's to well... now. Fun stuff. I will never ever turn down a job like this because of the teasures that one might happen across .. such as a photo of ones grandfather actually working his boat.. or photos of ones great grandfather doing the same.. (I use too many ... )

But while CBW and I have a love for just pieces of scenery around the county I have found a love of "days gone by.." that does not even being to touch this county today. It makes me long for those days and family members who have passed many years ago. It makes me long for a turn around of the fishing industry of the days of yester year.

I did a bit of retouching (not nearly enough due to the damage to the original but it was good enough for a 5 minutes job if you are looking at a 4x6) on some of these slides and plan on making a display in my home and sharing them here. The picture for today brings tears to my eyes not only for color of the day but the sight of this particular day on the bay that I fear will never been seen again by my generation and quite possibly ever...



  1. When your done I have about 10 boxes my parents were gonna throw out that I said don't I'll keep em. hahahah!!!


  2. Thank you so much ....speaking of Pioneer Woman, that's how I even learned what a blog was. I did a google search on "the best chocolate cake ever" for my daughter's birthday over a year ago, and her site came up. I became completely addicted. Now I don't visit so often because it takes forever to load her site on my dial-up internet.

    Anyway, thanks so much. I'm very impressed with your blog layout - I'm so scared I'm going to delete something I'm just staying plain jane. I don't back up anything, nor do I save what I write to a disk. Yes, I'm a complete idiot.

  3. Tracy.. bring them on

    CBW.. back up.. what is that?? I seriously put 4000 plus photos on a disk yesterday. I had photos dated back to like 2002 that had not been backed up.. WHAT WAS I THINKING??
    As for the blog it is not difficult to change your background to something person but you have to mess with the code a bit to get it just right. I kept trying until and not saving until i got it the way I want. I also set up a practice blog to try on and when it was perfect moved it over without losing anything.

  4. Cars don't go by, they roll. CBW is my new favorite blog because it's like going down memory lane.