Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is the glass half old ....

..or is it half young.

Today is the first day of the vacation. I am up with the chickens. I think that is part of the old part. However, I stayed up really late last night like I was half young! Then again I am going to need a nap this afternoon not sure if that is part REALLY young or REALLY old.

I have decided that this age our generation is currently circling around is quite possibly the best of both worlds .. let me list for you the reasons.

1. We can stay up REALLY late and be ok.. even if you drink a couple of eggnogs.
2. You can still get up early and make it to work on time if you do 1.
3. You can take a nap the afternoon after doing 1. and no one will say anything about it.. cause it is not an every day occurrence as of yet.
4. If you happen to not enjoy where you are or what is happening during 1. you can beg of by saying I need to get to bed so I can 2. and no one will call you lame.
5. We have no yet begun to forget things yet.. (ok just a couple but not ALL the time)
6. We are young enough to go outside to play with our kids in the snow and still young enough to not have to spend the following week in bed after wards and old enough to appreciate the fact that we still can take the kids in a snow ball fight.
7. We are young enough to still enjoy Christmas with family and friends..( WHY DO I HEAR A COYOTE HOWLING THIS TIME OF MORNING???) and old enough to appreciate the times past that we spent with family and friends who are no longer with us.

I could continue for quite a bit.. but I need a nap.


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